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Industry Breaking News… MuscleSport Magazine Inspires Body Proud!

As originally reported on the FAME World Tour/BodyProud official website: We are thrilled to announce we have joined forces with industry bigwig, Muscle Sport Magazine. So… what does this mean? More opportunity and more recognition for YOU!

With this strategic partnership FAME World Tour athletes and Body Proud Community members will be featured on their RADIO show and as part of their MAGAZINE!

Even more exciting for us is the fact that prior to coming to this agreement, Muscle Sport Magazine was partially funded through sponsors and businesses that were not promoting a “body proud” type lifestyle. However, based on our agreement,their entire scope has shifted and you will no longer find any banner which promotes steroid use!!!

Founding Editor, Joe Pietaro has this to say: “When we first approached FAME about working together, we immediately realized the value that this relationship provided. The type of contests and lifestyle they were promoting had an immediate impact on us and we were, quite frankly, blown away by their professionalism.

The entire BodyProud concept that they convey caused us to rethink our direction in certain aspects. Because performance-enhancing drugs are a part of sports, including bodybuilding, we did have some advertisers in that field. After being exposed to a viable alternative that does not include the use of these substances, we decided to make the necessary changes in our media outlet to reflect that.

In a three-pronged attack, we intend to promote the Body Proud way of life on our website and weekly radio show and in our magazine. Working together as a team, we are forging ahead to impact society with these concepts.”

Co-Founder of the Body Proud Community Jeffrey Kippel retorts “We are absolutely thrilled to see that such a large voice was able to recognize the significance of what Body Proud is all about to the extent that they complete revamped their entire mission statement. Together with their support the Body Proud Community will inspire even more people to take control of their life and incorporate being body proud into their lifestyle”.

Co-Producer of the FAME World Tour, Mindy Blackstien adds “This is fantastic. We are very proud Muscle Sport Magazine aligned with our organization to further represent natural athletes and their accomplishments. Muscle Sport Magazine is a fantastic medium for our athletes to gain the recognition they so deserve as true role models. This is fantastic.”

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