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Kimbo Slice TKO’d by Roy Nelson on UFC’s “Ultimate Fighter”

All the hype and anticipation may have gone for naught. Kimbo Slice, the Florida street brawler who became a household name from YouTube, was TKO’d in the second round by Roy “Big Country” Nelson on episode three of UFC’s “The Ultimate Fighter.”

Heading into season 10, the Spike TV reality show was heavily promoting the man who single-handedly took down EliteXC by not living up to his billing. All along, UFC president Dana White had said that the only way Slice would get into the octagon during a UFC card was to win the 16-man competition. Slice was chosen first overall by Quentin “Rampage” Jackson, who is coaching a team of eight and so far, his fighters are winless in three tries versus Rashad Evans’ crew.


Nelson, the former champion of the now-defunct International Fight League, is deceivingly strong, especially when he takes his opponent to the ground. He appears to be out of shape and in bad condition because of his large midsection but possesses immense grappling skills.

At the start of the match, the two seemed to be taking their time measuring each other up and although Slice did hit a few solid punches, it was all one-sided once Nelson used his weight advantage to take down his opponent. Once on the floor, Slice could do little more than try to roll out of the position but could not do so before the round expired.


Nelson went right after Slice in Round Two and took him down in the middle of the ring, spelling more trouble for the man who is responsible for last night’s high ratings. Again caught in a crucifix position, Slice was pinned down and was unable to gain any leverage. Nelson was hitting him in the head with what appeared to be very light punches and the referee kept warning Slice that he had to do something or the fight would be over.

When Slice remained in the same position, the official called for the bell and waved the fight off. Even White commented that the shots Nelson was hitting Slice with did not appear to be doing any damage and this can be construed as a knock against the premature stoppage.


But just when it seemed that the dream was over for Slice, the coming attraction for next week’s episode alluded to him getting a chance at redemption. Marcus Jones, a former NFL player, has an injured knee and may not be able to take his turn, meaning that one of the three men who have already fought will take his place. Slice, who is an obvious favorite of Jackson, was pleading his case to get back in.

So the saga continues. Will team Jackson finally get on the board and will Slice be the one to do it? Needless to say, the promos definitely left it open enough that next week’s show should top the ratings of Episode Three.


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