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Robby Robinson and the Master Plan (Part 3)

By Ian Duckett – (This is part three of a six-part series)

Day 3 – Workout 2

I awake with a start on the day. Right away I took my morning supplements that Robby had structured out for me for the days ahead, I washed these down with cold, clean water. After morning rituals I headed out for breakfast at the Marina Fitness café. I had the usual- oats, egg whites and blueberries with a black coffee and more supplements.

I will write more about supplements at another time when I know more about their role in how Robby has structured them. After that awesome breakfast I was ready for anything. I was scheduled to meet Robby and Arden at 9am for Chest and Back work after which they planned to take me to the Santa Monica Stairs, all 198 of them going all the way up and of course down. With the time I had between breakfast and the workout I headed to the beach to do a little more writing.

The Workout

We hooked up outside the gym and once again did a little filming before heading inside for the workout. Chest and Back was the order of the day. Here is what we did:

To start with we did an exercise that Robby has done for years for opening out the lats, hard to explain, but it is a little like a vacuum pose. I found this exercise a lot harder on the muscles than it looked. But thought it would be fantastic for those clients that struggle with a lat spread and the front relaxed pose, as it really helped you open up. After a little band work for posture.

We then move to Low Pulley Rows using a handle that Robby explained was used by all the greats in the sport – Arnold, Edd Corney, Zane, the original Gold’s gang- and it was made by Joe Gold himself. It made the Low Rows even more special, I tell you, knowing the history behind the bar. We did these much different to what I had done in the past and I felt them really deep in the whole of my lat. We did one set of 12-15 reps. Again guys all this will be available on the DVD.

We then moved to Dead lifts in the rack. Again style was the main focus and correct body mechanics at all times, we did a set each of ten reps. Chest was up next- Robby expressed that he was a great fan of Vince Gironda and had always wanted to train with him but never got the chance. Robby also said he has used some of Vince’s techniques for many years.

Hence we moved on to a Flat Bench Neck Press-like a bench press but the bar travels more towards the upper peck neck area. This will place the stress a little more on the upper pec area. We did a set each with a weight that allowed 12 reps.

Next up we did a Dumbell Flat Bench Press for 12 reps, very strict movement with a hard contraction and a deep stretch. Over the years I have read in articles ‘squeeze the contraction, feel the movement, concentrate’– and I have done that, but not on this level. I had been well and truly schooled.

We then headed back through the gym to the Low Pulley Row, with the priceless handle in tow. In fact it went everywhere with us, it was like another training partner. We add weight and Robby again went through a picture perfect set and then made sure I got a perfect set also by constantly- encouraging and correcting- “Come on Ian, I’m going to get my reps, make me work now, come on”- in that deep unmistakable voice. I got 10 reps here.

Then it was back to Dead Lifts, with again a little more on the bar. We followed this up with Neck Press again, a little more weight, a little more feel and even better reps- 10 reps each. Dumbell Press next –yes you are getting the sequence, 10 reps again.

After this we did two sets of Pullover and Press- 85lbs for Set One and 75lbs for Set Two with an even deeper stretch. This was a great movement that I felt in the lats and chest. This was the hardest movement for me as Robby demanded a deep, deep stretch hence the lighter weight on the second set. We finished up the workout with a set of Chins.

All the time that I had spent with Robby and Arden I had never seen any of Robby’s physique, he constantly wore a Built T shirt, sometimes two- and a vest. With a little prompting from myself and Arden he took his tops off in the studio room. As you can see from the shots, he looks fantastic- this is Robby’s everyday look, a physique that is built with good clean foods and clean living and training. Drugs in the sport were responsible for a very small part of his bodybuilding efforts, he built his size the natural way and that’s why today at 62, yes he is 62 in these photos, he looks like he does.

After a post workout drink in the Jeep, we headed for the Santa Monica steps. These famous steps were situated in the Santa Monica Valley. I was surprised to see a hord of people on them- some even held light dumbbells and pumped away with their arms as they went up and down them. We parked at the top and headed all the way down the 198 steps, then we began the climb.

They were very steep and it really got stuck into the hips, glutes and calves. Robby and myself did a round then Arden, then it was Robby and I again followed by Arden. This was followed by an ice cold regulator drink with added Glutamine by Robby and Arden. Everything was taken care of. This was something they did to a fault- they looked after me like you wouldn’t believe. They were very thoughtful and caring- the passion for this- just jumps out at you.

Drinking the ice cold post workout drink and looking out over the valley, was just heaven and it was a beautiful day. After that fantastic workout and stair climb it was time for another meal. Robby and Arden knew of just the spot. They took me to a beautiful little restaurant that is frequented by Hollywood stars and sports celebs whereupon we ordered and tucked into a ‘Trainer’s Special’ as the menu said- egg whites, rice, fruit and whole-wheat pancakes.

In between eating, we filmed a little more and covered subjects like- business- and how I train the bodyindesign girls, also how incredibly strong they are. Robby also talked about competing and how people should not do long duration CV- this I smiled at, as I have been banging on about not doing CV for a long time now.

After this delicious meal we headed to their home, as Arden has some things there for me. My eyes lit up upon seeing a draft copy (that nobody else has yet seen outside of the family) of Robby’s biography book The Black Prince. This I was very humbled by. I was also given a watermelon and some low salt, low yeast bread bought from the farmer’s market that they visit regularly.

They then dropped me off back at my hotel. After a shower I headed out to my favorite spot for writing. Sat in the sun, I reflected on the day as I wrote the piece you have just read. I watched the sun go down on an awesome day and was excited at what was in-store tomorrow.

Ian Duckett-

Ian Duckett is the UK’s most formidable and sort after personal trainer and was training clients before Personal Training was in Vogue. He is a natural for life athlete and has been at the forefront of natural bodybuilding for 20 years, winning such titles as ‘Mr Natural Britain’ twice and the European title. He has also placed 4th in the World Championships on two occasions and recently won the World title, also the Pro Am – He is a reputed Powerlifter, winning 6 titles and placing 2nd in the British finals.


His passion for his work is immeasurable, this shows in the client base he has. He has been helping clients achieve the goals that they only dreamed of and has been tirelessly doing this for more than 20 years. Title winners and corporate professionals, as well as clients wanting to be the best they can be, fill Ian’s day. Ian has trained with the best and studies his standard of work constantly. ‘You should never stop learning’ is one of Ian’s mottos.

He often travels to the USA to improve and refine his art. Working recently with the great Robby Robinson–this again moved Ian forward. He is also a great believer in the power of the mind, knowing that this area is the key to unlocking potential from a client. He knows what buttons to press and how to bring out the best in the client. Ian is and has over the years been a leader in training principles and nutrition ideas, he is copied many times but never duplicated.

He is a sort after Guest Poser and seminar speaker, conducting seminars in gyms up and down the country and also in supplement outlets. Ian owned and ran one of the most successful gyms in the UK. Future Bodies Gym was a 10,000 sq ft home to many champions and successful clients alike. Future Bodies was sold in 2002, since then Ian has concentrated on his BodyInDesign Personal Training business, phone consultations business and maintaining his website and product sales. Ian is very goal orientated and has achieved each of the goals he set out to do, such as – Writing 4 books – Producing training DVD’s – Producing a subscription only magazine – A supplement company – Designing and producing training t-shirts – Producing motivational art work.


It is safe to say that Ian gets the most out of each day and he has that rare combination these days of knowledge and experience. Professional Background . Director of bodyindesign Ltd . Personal Trainer . Author . Illustrator . Contributing writer to other websites and magazines Significant Accomplishments . 1989 – Mr Natural Britain . 1995 – Mr Natural Britain . 1999 – Mr Natural Europe . 2005 – 2nd in the Natural Pro Am . 2005 – 4th in the Natural World Championships . 2006 – 2nd in the BAWLA Powerlifting British Championships. 2007 Pro Am winner–Guest Star at the NPA British–2007 World Championships winner. . Winner of more than 25 other regional bodybuilding titles Ian has had more Area and British title winners as clients than anybody else and has been doing this for at least 20 years.

Ian’s area of experience is in the training of figure girls, he has had winners and top placings in this class, both in British and International competitions, for many years. Ian has been a featured writer in Hardgainer magazine and has been featured in many books and publications over the years. Ian has published four books that were sold in major book stores and supplement companies in the UK. They still sell now on the internet through his website to all corners of the globe.

Ian has also produced two training video DVD’s that have achieved the same results as the books. TV Appearances . Calendar . Sky TV . Look North . Radio Leeds . BBC tv inside eye. Featured Articles . Hardgainer magazine . Featured model in Stuart McRobert’s ‘Build muscle, lose fat’ book in 2006 . Health and Strength magazine . Musclemag International- feature writer for 4 years . Bodypower . Bodybuilding Monthly . The Beef magazine . Yorkshire Post . . . Allsports . Maximuscle . Numerous other health and fitness publications over the last 20-25 years. Individual Athletes . Jenny Garside – 4 time Britain winner and 2nd in the World Championship ladies figure class 2005–Winner BNBF British 2007 –NPA British 2007 –Worlds 2007. . Claire Cotter – British Finals winner and 3rd in the World Championships 2006–2nd–NPA British 2007. . Karen Wriggles – Mike Williams Classic winner . Michelle Clift – UK winner and 3rd twice at the British Finals. . Debbie Scholefield – Yorkshire winner–3rd NPA British 2007. . Julie Ainsworth – Multi title winner . Lynn Beman – Title winner . Annie Davis – Yorkshire winner and British finalist . Frances Walton – Title winner . Andrew Barber – British Under 21 winner . Rob Gorry – Title winner . Ian Cooper – Multi title winner . Helen Everson – Title winner . Gayle Bellamy – British Under 52kg winner . Local TV stars . Phil Guy – Multi title winner .


And more than 60 other title winners and finalists over the last 20 years. Corporate Clients . Walkers Transport . Nick Marr . Dave Symon. Nutrition Companies who have supported Ian . Allsports International . Maximuscle . Udo’s Oil . Natural Nutrition Products . Organic Foods Currently Ian is supported by ‘AST Sports Science’ supplements, his clients are also. . Many more camps at Bodyindesign. . New vidoes on youtube. . 2-New books in 2009 .

Continue to help clients achieve their goals Ian has created a name for himself in the world of figure, bodybuilding and natural health. His passion and innovation have kept him at the top for years. He is truly a trainers’ trainer – in fact his nickname is The Guru. Need we say more? Areas for more info: Short and sharp book—True Grit book—bodyindesign web site—look for articles on this site and others featuring Ian.

Who I’d like to meet:
I have met most of my hero’s Robby– Arnold–Stallone–Labrada. I never got to meet the now passed away Arthur Jones. He was an awesome man that changed the industry I am in today.

Be sure to visit Ian’s website,


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