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Ask Gym Junky #1

Dear BIG D,

I am a big fan of MuscleSport Mag and was surprised they added an advice column. I was also quite happy because I like asking questions and hate asking people I know in my local gym. I don’t want them to know I don’t know what I am doing or to make them think they are know-it-alls. Most information I get now from different sources tends to conflict with each other anyway. I thought I’d try and ask you your opinion on something I’m thinking about taking. How safe are fat burners? I want to lose about 35 pounds and don’t know what to look for and heard that if I want to lose weight I’ll need one. Can you help me out?


Brian Pratt

New Jersey


Dear Brian,

Thanks for emailing me your question! I am a huge fan of MuscleSport Mag myself and enjoy answering questions on their behalf.  “Fat burners” or thermogenics as I’d rather call them do have some use in a weight loss plan. I usually suggest that my clients go “fat-burner free” until they hit a plateau in their weight loss. It saves them money, but more importantly IF they are losing weight without them and it is going well for them, why take something? Once the plateau hits and your weight is not dropping and you become frustrated because you are eating really clean and healthy, exercising like crazy and no fat-loss – it’d be a perfect time to change things up.

A good thermogenic to look for is something that doesn’t just have a load of stimulants like caffeine that make you all shaky and uncomfortable. Try and find one that have ingredients that get your brain involved in the fat loss like L-tyrosine, gingko biloba, St. John’s wort or 5HTP.


I also prefer ones that may contain CLA (omega 6 fatty acid) and even BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids). Ingredients that your body either needs or respond to in the healthiest manner possible. Perhaps look for one with the B12 vitamin which will also give you energy among other benefits. Ephedrine or ephedra added in is not the best idea. Some people still maintain it is the best for fat loss, but I think the possible side effects and road it takes you down isn’t worth the risk!

Please make sure you ask your doctor if anything you take conflicts with any prescriptions you may be currently on as well. Checking with your doctor is always a good idea either way when trying new things, especially if you’re looking to lose 35 pounds.


Taking a good thermogenic may be a good idea after a plateau is reached, but remember 80% of the formula for fat loss is your daily “diet.” You could have the strongest fat burner on OR off the market and if you eat garbage you are wasting your time and money!

Some added tips for weight-loss: Five to six smaller portioned meals throughout the day with a protein source at each meal are the key. Also very important is drinking lots of water. You will not drop fat if you do not drink lots of water! Cardio at “interval” training mode (up and down heart rate) for 20-30 minutes per day will increase your metabolism as well. Don’t forget the weight lifting! Remember, the more muscle you have the more fat you burn! Good luck!



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