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SIGG Water Bottle

Let’s face it. All of us hitting the gym are going through bottles of water like water. (Insert bad joke comment here.) But truthfully, folks. We are all doing the right thing by our bodies by drinking water so why not take care of the enviornment just as much and stop throwing out an endless supply of plastic bottles?

Here’s the solution: get a hold of one of these SIGG water bottles that are not only eco-friendly, but look better than that old, beat-up bottle that you’ve been totting along. With over 150 styles, there is surely one that you would feel proud to drink out of. If not, they even have an option where you can use a custom photo or design on the skin.

The new wide mouth design makes it easy to wash out and add ice cubes, too. The top has a traditional drinking mouth piece that unscrews for easy access.

Check out their official websites for more information:, and Prices vary from $21.99 and up. Model shown – Wide Mouth Black.

Wide Mouth Black

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