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N.O. Monster from Colossal Labs

When you have a label that just spews “kick ass,” then you know you have a head start on a winning formula. Colossal Labs has done more than just give you an awesome Hulk-looking rendering on their labels and it doesn’t get ay better than a tag line of, ‘Show Her Your Monster.’

What does N.O. Monster do for you? Well, let’s start off with the latest ‘it’ factor in the supplement industry, nitric oxide boosters. These little red capsules will increase the bloodflow to your muscles, giving you that awesome pumped up feel and look. Garden hose veins sound like something you want? I thought so.

Your strength levels will be upped while you gain focus and reaction time. Also, N.O. Monster will improve your recovery, endurance and power while preventing muscle breakdown.

Need more proof? It will also give you increased sexual vigor. Need I say more?

MSRP – $39.95


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