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Cedric McMillan Wins Overall at the NPC Nationals in Hollywood, FL

After taking the super heavyweight division, Cedric McMillan stood on the stage in Hollywood, Florida awaiting the announcement of who would be named the overall champion. As he stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the other six category winners, the South Carolina native must have had a lot going through his mind.

Did he reflect back on the 2008 Junior USAs, when he took the super-heavies and overall? If he did, McMillan must have felt deja-vu when he heard his name announced once again as the best man in town that evening. What made this accomplishment all the more special was the fact that he was one of seven young men to earn their pro card.


Also taking home pro cards were Bleu Taylor (bantamweight winner), Joe Vu (lightweight winner), Shavis Higa (welterweight winner), Nathan Detracy (middleweight winner), Seth Feroce (light heavyweight winner) and Jeff Long (heavyweight winner).

Some popular names finished out of the running, such as “Big” Sean Allen (6th – SH), Trey Brewer (8th – SH), Lee Banks (2nd – HW), P.J. Braun (12th – HW), Paul Sousa (13th – HW), Tamer El-Guindy (3rd – LHW), Branden Ray (4th – LHW) and Timothy Corscadden (DNP – LHW).


McMillan joins a list with some quality company in winning this contest. Lee Haney (1982), Shawn Ray (1987), Jay Cutler (1996) and Victor MArtinez (2000) all have enjoyed this honor.

In women’s bodybuilding, Kris Murrell won the heavyweight and overall titles and earned her pro card along with Lori Steele (lightweight winner), Lisette Acevedo (middleweight winner) and Nicole Berg (light heavyweight winner).

In figure, Mindi Smith was named the class E and overall winner, earning her pro card. Joining her on the paid circuit were Kimberle Trowbridge (class A), Kathleen Tesori (class B), Ava Cowan (class C), Taylor Gallagher (class D)and Holly Beck (class F).


As far as the bikini class went, Jessica Anderson won the overall and class E. Others who walked away with pro cards were Trina Goosby (class A), Erica Reder (class B), Alea Suarez (class C), Tianna Ta (class D) and Stephanie Lindsey (class F).


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