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Hardcore Wrestling, ECW Style, is Alive & Well

Ever since the original ECW was swallowed up into the WWE conglomerate, wrestling fans have been clamoring for the type of hardcore action that was only found in the Paul Heyman-led organization. Blood was not a rarity, but rather a necessity to keep the fans coming back for more.

Having the action spill over the security wall (or rather security fence) and continue in the middle of the crowd was merely part of the evening and handing one of the grapplers your chair for him to smash his opponent over the head became a badge of honor.


Ever since the semi-controlled riot known as ECW declared bankruptcy in April of 2001, there has been a void in the sports entertainment world. Sure, it has a weekly home on Tuesday nights on ScyFy as one of the three brands run by Vince McMahon, but it is more like a farm team for up and coming young guns and a few ‘name’ wrestlers to keep the fans interested. It is a shell of it’s former self and when was the last time that you saw barb-wire in the place of ring ropes? Even Tommy Dreamer, the last link to the old bunch, has been scarce of late.

All is not lost, though. Every month on Long Island, Fight the World Pro Wrestling holds an event that does more than conjure up memories of the old ECW. In fact, the FTW champion is none other than Balls Mahoney, who had a few bumps and bruises from those golden days back at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, aka the “bingo hall.”


Sabu, another ECW veteran, has made appearances at FTW shows, as had Jake “The Snake” Roberts, who was a headliner for years with the WWF/WWE. In their next show on Saturday, November 21 at ┬áCenter Island Sports (101 Union Avenue, Ronkonkoma, New York), Homicide from TNA’s World Elite is on the card.

The rest of the FTW roster includes Big Jim Sullivan, Dameon Slugga, Dan Barry, D.J. Hyde, Earl Cooter, Grim Reefer, Jay Lover, Jimmy Jact Cash, Len Oddity, The Rockstar, Vin Gerard, The Master Wes Draven and tag teams All Money is Legal, The Best Around and the Nigerian Nightmares, the current FTW tag team champions.


MuscleSport Mag has teamed up with FTW and is now one of their sponsors. Be sure to look for our banners and promotional items at their events and check on our website for regular updates on all the happenings inside and out of the FTW squared circle.

Tickets for their events are $20 at the door and $15 in advance. For more information and ticket purchases, visit their official website,


Jake "The Snake" Roberts and The Rockstar at a recent FTW event

Jake "The Snake" Roberts and The Rockstar at a recent FTW event

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