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Dennis Wolf at a Career Crossroads in 2010

Imagine being considered a favorite to win your sport’s highest honor one day and then close to being an after thought the next? That is not too far from what has happened to Dennis “Big Bad” Wolf in 2009. After finishing fourth in the 2008 Mr. Olympia, he had to sit out the Arnold Classic while nursing an injury. He came into Las Vegas with a lot of promise and totally missed the boat, not even placing in the biggest contest of his career.

Now the questions must be asked – what does Wolf do to get his game back on track? According to the Muscular forums, member The Mayor of Bodybuilding has stated that Wolf is confirmed to compete in the 2010 New York Pro on May 8.


While that is a fairly prestigious show, it is quite a ways away from the Arnold or O. That may be just what Wolf needs in order to qualify for the Olympia a few months later. but he is not an automatic by any means to even win in Manhattan. Last year, Evan Centopani took first place against a pretty good line-up that featured Markus Ruhl, Dennis James, Silvio Samuel and Hidetada Yamagashi.


So does Wolf concentrate on preparing for the Big Apple or does he go ‘balls to the wall’ for the Arnold and quiet all the naysayers? Weighing the differences, unless he finishes high in Columbus (minimum in the top six), it would be viewed as a failure for him and it may be difficult to get back into contest shape two months later. If he then qualifies for the Olympia, he would have to get back on stage four months after that and peaking two or three times in a year is a tough task for anyone, especially someone who is coming off a huge disappointment and is probably in dire need of a mental boost.


If Wolf is committed to the New York pro, then he probably will not compete in Ohio. That will lead to some criticism but it could be the best decision for him at this time.



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