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Silvio Samuel Was Not a Factor in the Arnold, Anyway

In the professional bodybuilding ranks, there are that tier of men whose names jump off the page as serious contenders for the ‘Big Two’ every year. The Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia contests does attract the best of the best, but there are usually three or four that are serious contenders to win the championship in each.

Then there is that second tier, the type of bodybuilder who may sneak into the top six in Ohio or Las Vegas and fair better at the next level of shows, such as the New York Pro, Europa Super Show or Iron Man Pro. Silvio Samuel is a perfect example of this.


In 2009, he won the Iron Man in January then placed fifth at the Arnold. At the O, he fell all the way to 13th place. When the competitor list for the 2010 Arnold Classic was released recently, Samuel’s name appeared on it as usual. But in a report that was just posted on Flex Online, El Matador has pulled out.

“I will take a break to put on the size I need to put on,” Samuel said in the Flex article. “I wanted to do the Arnold Classic, but after more thought I do not believe that competing so soon after the Olympia ┬áis in my best interest. In order to make the impact I want to make, I want to make some improvements this year.”


Silvio plans on waiting until July to compete in the Tampa Pro, a show that he will need to do well at just to qualify for the Olympia, which he intends to enter.

Realistically, it may be a good strategy because multiple shows every year is a difficult task for any bodybuilder. If Samuel can bulk up a little as he hopes to do, he can jump up multiple spots in the Olympia. With the line-up set for Ohio, Samuel was probably not going to do much damage there anyway.


At this point in his career, Samuel winning the Arnold or O would be considered a huge upset. Him bowing out will not change the serious competition that expects to take place in Columbus three months from now.


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