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Chris Mackenzie – Another Great From the Garden State

The state of New Jersey has its share of notable residents. Names such as Frank Sinatra, Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen and even the fictional Tony Soprano to name a few. In due time, there will be another one to add to the aforementioned list, and that is none other than up and coming bodybuilder Chris Mackenzie.

When someone states that they were born with the desire to be a bodybuilder, who are we to doubt him? “I have been competing since 1994 and have been really dedicated to competition since 2001, which is why I guess I’m still at it at the age of 37,” Mackenzie said with a smile.

A streak of five first place finishes for Mackenzie began at the 1997 NBI Mr. America. He then won the 2002 NPC Physique middleweight division. In 2004, he once again was the top middleweight at the NPC Bodybuilding Extravaganza and NPC South Jersey. A year later, Mackenzie moved up to the light heavyweight ranks and placed first at the NPC Mid Atlantic Natural.


“I personally chose to compete naturally, but that is my choice and is not a putdown to my fellow competitors who choose a different path,” Mackenzie said. “I also do not let my natural status limit me. I have competed in several natural organizations but I also fight my way through NPC shows and have had some success there.”

Mackenzie gained some valuable experience by stepping on stage at the 2007 NPC Arnold Classic Amateur, where he placed seventh amongst the middleweights. The following year, he won the light heavyweight and masters overall at the USBF Natural Jersey Shore.


2009 was a ‘very good year’ for Mackenzie, as he won the overall at the FAME Atlantic City, first place (middleweight) at the NPC Atlantic City and finished fifth as a middleweight at the NPC Team Universe.

“One thing that I feel keeps me going is that I have respect for bodybuilding as a sport,” Mackenzie said. “I follow the various organizations and one thing that I have learned is that most good competitors cross paths. I enjoy seeing guys that I have competed with do well and I enjoy seeing our sport grow.”


Mackenzie is also active in his home state’s local NPC organization and acts as a judge for others. He is currently training for a power lifting meet to be held on February 28 where he will compete in the “raw” category, meaning he will not be wearing any wraps or bench shirt.

He has a lot of inspiration from his wife Jen and their three children who, as Mackenzie likes to say, “provide balance to my life and put a smile on my face every day.” He also considers himself lucky to have IFBB pro bodybuilder Tim Martin as a training partner. Martin is also a natural for life bodybuilder.

Even as he works his way towards his pro card, Mackenzie’s physique can be seen in nutritional ads. He works for BPi Sports in their sales department and doubles as their model in placements for their products such as 1MR Pre-Workout, Rx6 Fat Burner and M80 Test Booster/Muscle Builder.

So the next time you have a conversation about the Garden State, keep Chris Mackenzie’s name in mind.


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