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Shark Fights Named Best Promotion in the Midwest by

Throughout 2009, Shark Fight Promotions, a popular fight promotion company based in Amarillo, has consistently raised the bar for mixed martial arts (MMA) events held in the great state of Texas. As 2009 comes to a close, the company’s achievements have not gone unnoticed. Shark Fight Promotions was recently named Best Pro Promotion of 2009, by not one, but two notable media outlets within the combat sports industry.

Earlier this month Shark Fight Promotions was named “Best Pro Promotion of 2009” by Texas Fight News Magazine. Today, ULTMMA.Com (Uniting Locals Through Mixed Martial Arts) added to the company’s accolades by naming them “Best Pro Promotion of 2009 in the Midwest Region.” Shark Fights will represent all Midwest MMA promotions, along with regional winners Art of Fighting (Southern region), MMA Big Show (Northern region), and Rage in the Cage (Western region).

Krystle Granillo, Marketing Coordinator of ULTMMA stated, “In 2009, Shark Fight’s significantly raised its status, both locally in Texas and on the national stage.  Shark Fight executives run their organization the right way, by stacking the fight cards with a mix of local and national talent. Through targeted media and marketing efforts, the company has also raised awareness not only for the Shark Fight brand, but for the entire sport of MMA.”

Granillo continued on, “The Midwest has always been a hotbed for MMA talent.  Shark Fights beat out many other long running promotions from states such as Illinois, Oklahoma and Iowa to earn the title of Best Pro Promotion of 2009 in the Midwest.”


When asked about being named the best promotion in its region, Shark Fight President Brent Medley has this to say, “I can’t imagine 2009 ending on a better note for our organization. The Shark Fight team is made up of a group of people that define unwavering dedication. Knowing that everyone’s hard work has paid off is a great feeling. It is truly an honor to be named “Best Pro Promotion of 2009 in the Midwest Region.”

Medley had this to add, “I would like to personally thank everyone on the Shark Fight team, the phenomenal fighters that compete for us, our media partners, and our dedicated fans. Without you, Shark Fights would not be where we are today. It has been a phenomenal year and I can’t wait to see what 2010 will bring!”

Shark Fight Promotions has solidly positioned themselves as a top promoter within the industry. Since the company’s inception, Shark Fights has featured four title fights in four different weight classes, successfully broke the attendance record for outdoor MMA events in Texas, and made history by airing the first live radio broadcast of a mixed martial arts event in the U.S.  Shark Fights has proven that they are a force to be reckoned with and will undoubtedly continue to build on their success.


About Shark Fight Promotions:

Shark Fight Promotions, based out of Amarillo Texas, is an up and coming Fight Promotion Company dedicated to driving the growth of mixed martial arts through the production of high quality MMA events and by effectively showcasing MMA fighters. The organization takes pride in putting the fans and fighters first; therefore they strive to make each Shark Fight event more exciting than the last.  Executives within the organization are committed to producing impressive fight cards with extremely competitive matchups. They are also very passionate about their philanthropic endeavors. Shark Fight Promotions stays very involved in charity causes by partnering with, and contributing to, non-profit organizations in each city that hosts a Shark Fight Promotions event.  For more information on Shark Fight Promotions, please visit



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