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“Blood Line,” Movie Starring Pro Wrestler Brimstone, to Be Released on DVD

“Blood Line,” a movie put together by Steve Rahaman of Falling Leaves Films, will be released on DVD and Blue Ray on April 6, 2010. Professional wrestler Brimstone, aka Will Kaye, starred in the motion picture and stated, “I was honored to be a part of the film and I am looking forward to being featured in Steve’s new film, “To Be King.” I’ll have the pleasure of goin one-on-one with the lead Nigel Harvey in an underground street fight that will be unforgettable! Nigel is a tremendous actor and I’m excited to work with him.”

Kaye added that Rahaman is a “visionary” and that he put together a “powerhouse” of a film.

Be sure to visit the Falling Leaves Official Website for information, updates and to order the DVD or Blue Ray.  “Blood Line” will be available early (April 6) on Film Baby and Amazon.

For more information on Brimstone, visit his official site,

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