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MuscleSport TV Makes Its Debut

We told you that you would be seeing more of us in 2010 and we meant every word of it. The new year has barely begun and we have come through with our promise to launch MuscleSport TV in 2010.

Our pilot episode (shot in two parts) took off on YouTube withing minutes after being posted. It featured an interview with underground MMA fighter Christian Darrow, who spoke about many things including his upcoming bout with James Funaro.


And just a few days later, we posted the first of our many interviews conducted at the Philadelphia Sports Extravaganza/MMA Expo, which was held on January 9 and 10. This episode featured Shonie Carter, who is a famous name from the UFC, WEC, KOTC and many other promotions. Carter, 37, began his career in 1997 and speaks about the growth of the sport and what he has coming up in his next two fights.

Also on this episode is the first of our infomercials for our sponsors. T. Micheal is one of the most popular apparel companies in the sports and bodybuilding community and we talk in depth about their line of products while sporting a camo MMA Severe Gear T-shirt. Please keep in mind that these infomercials come at no cost to our advertisers who join us for a one-year period. We also provide free product reviews on the website, in the online and print magazine, as well as mentions on MuscleSport Radio.


Be sure to watch every episode of this new and exciting addition to our multi-media outlet. Just go to the MuscleSport TV page on the website or subscribe to our video uploads on YouTube. Upcoming guests are Dan “The Beast” Severn, Matt Hamill, Shawn Sherk and more.


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