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Breaking News – FAME Introduces New Worldwide Point System

This is a pre-announcement and MuscleSport Mag exclusive.

Worldwide Reward System For All Who Are BodyProud –


In the past, physique competitors, from their first show onwards, have always competed in standard event “Categories” such as Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, Fitness Model, Muscle Model and Swimsuit Model. However, it was often ‘guesswork’ on which category was most suited to them and sometimes their physique, passion and talents were better suited for something else. Additionally, each category often shows a wide variance in physique-types amongst competitors; between organizations; within sponsorship print ads; and even among individuals themselves who train differently from show to show… So there was obviously a lot of confusion.

What type of physique is ideal for what category?
What category does my physique best exemplify?
What type of athlete am I?!?

This also, understandably, pushed people to enter multiple categories in an effort to “find themselves”, and obviously left a big question mark for both the audience and media!! Plus winning required that competitors had to excel in all aspects of each round within that category, thus eliminating those great posers or performers who still ‘wowed’ the judges yet weren’t at their peak in all other areas.

As of January 2010, this has all changed. The Worldwide Point Reward System for all who are Body Proud was born to provide the industry with standardization and clarity. Not only does it reward people for their competition history (regardless of organization affiliation), it also highlights those who have garnered themselves media exposure, performed philanthropic work, and/or reached new levels of personal growth, amongst other things.

Quite simply, this new system has taken the guess work out and replaced it with opportunity… Opportunity to promote these individuals as actual Role Models. Opportunity for competitors to use their passion, skills, goals and personal bliss as their guide in making contest choices. Opportunity to win awards – and points – based on exceptional elements that they portray on stage at any time. Opportunity to do what they enjoy and allow their success to earn a specific type of athletic categorytitle, such as “Fitness, Muscle or Swimsuit Model; and/or Bodybuilding, Fitness or Figure Athlete”. Opportunity to continue to climb up the ranks in their accomplished category and compete in Elite Level Shows in an attempt to turn Pro, become a Body Proud Role Model and/or win exceptional rewards.


There are 2 types of shows: “Open Concept Shows” which are open to everyone (all levels, all ages, including those facing physical challenges and consists of 5 different Rounds); and “Elite Level Show” (only open to Elite and Pro Level Athletes and consist of the original categories). Check the Event Schedule to determine the type(s) of show per location.

Open Level Shows consists of 3 of the 5 different Realms which make up 5 optional Rounds of competition:

The Realms are: “Body As Art”“Performance” and “Transformation”

The Body As Art Realm s heavily focused on the physique, as the name implies. Competitors have 2 options, a swimsuit modelling round and a posing round, either live or online. These rounds are open to all body proud individuals who display a lean, healthy physique with any amount of musculature and/or tone. It’s now the job of the judges to place such competitors into various groupings to determine who shall be Nominated and/or presented as a Finalist or Winner based on single elements, such as “Best Poser”, “Best Muscle Art Tattoos”, “Best Stage Presence”, “Most Symmetrical”, “Most Muscular”, “Best Lines”, “Most Captivating” etc. Each Award also corresponds to a set Point Score within the Body Proud Worldwide Point Reward System. Once a competitor earns a set amount of points, from the required realms, they move up the tier to become known as an Elite Level Athlete, a FAME Pro, a Body Proud Role Model, and finally a WNSO Pro

The Posing Round consists of all the same poses that Bodybuilders and Figure Athletes perform. However, this Round is also open to Fitness Competitors, as well as models, and anyone who wants to flash their muscles as a way to earn more points.

The Performance Realm consists of 3 options, all which are not based on physique-readiness:
Fitness Fashion Evening Wear Modelling, Themewear Modelling (which includes the opportunity to perform a skit based on the theme) and Performance Routines (which include bodybuilder type artistic routines; high energy dance; cheerleading and gymnastics; martial arts, etc). These rounds are again open, meaning that everyone can participate, regardless of physique style, level and/or past experience. Some examples of Awards are: “Most Entertaining”, “Most Alluring”, “Most Creative”, “Best Display of Musculature”, “Best Strength Displays”… Like the Physique Realm, additional Awards may be presented, based on what strikes the judges as sensational and worthy of credit.

See Competition Regulations Here

The Transformation Realm consists of the Body Proud Showcase and does not involve any type of judging at all. Rather it’s about the story and the “spotlight”. Everyone has a story. And everyone’s story should be heard.

The Body Proud Showcase provides the opportunity for everyone (competitors, athletes, Pros and newcomers to scene) to get up on stage, as part of the FAME Family, and share with us their goals, triumphs, transformations, past obstacles and personal history. The purpose is multi-fold: to inspire others to start their journey to become body proud; to attract media attention; to purposefully use the stage to face fears; deal with your past; encourage your own personal growth and reach out to others. And, the great news is that the Worldwide Point Reward System for all who are Body Proud rewards every single person for getting up on stage and sharing their story, no matter where they are in their journey. The Body Proud Showcase is about inspiring the planet to change. Together we can unite the world through fitness!

We highly encourage everyone to participate in some way – either as a presenter or spectator. Either way, you will be moved. The Body Proud Showcase is life changing.

Elite Level Shows and Beyond

Once competitors earn enough points in all required realms their status changes from that as a ‘competitor’ to that as an ‘athlete’ or ‘model’ because at that point their physique and performance skills are representative of that category.

As a designated “Athlete” and “Model” competitors are eligible to compete in any of the rounds of the Open Level Show as well as in the larger, designated full scale “Elite Level Shows” shows once they earn enough points from their required realms. These full scale shows have actual categories, rather than single rounds. So, for example, a Fitness Model would compete in the Swimsuit Round as well as the Themewear and/or Fitness Fashion Evening Wear Round. A Bodybuilder or Figure Athlete would compete in the Symmetry, Posing & Routine Round. A Fitness Athlete would compete in the Symmetry and Routine Rounds.

Those recognized as a FAME Pro can then go on to become a WNSO Pro. Only those who win the Overalls at a Pro Show, and who score enough points in all realms, are designated the honorable title of WNSO Pro. It’s not easy to come by and means a lot to those who earn it.


Publicity and Living Body ProudClick here for more info.

Participating in all Realms ensure that all those who are being hailed an “Ambassador”, “Elite Athlete”, “FAME Pro” and “WNSO Pro” are properly representative of an overall healthy, positive fitness lifestyle. These people, regardless of placing in a contest are seen as HEROES, and as such, they must embody those qualities that are beneficial for others to emulate. For this reason, everyone must earn points in Living Body Proud (which includes philanthropic and educational Rounds); Publicity (media, exposure & professional image); Competition (Body as Art and/or performance which can be either via online and live events).


Points are earned by each individual who starts, continues and triumphs in their journey to become their most body proud. Points are given out in all Realms: Living Body Proud (living a healthy, active, positive lifestyle); Competition – “Body As Art” & “Performance” (physique competitions, from any recognized organization); Publicity (media, exposure); These points act as a personal motivator. Once an individual earns a set point score, from all necessary realms, they also earn corresponding Rewards and Status Titles.

Learn About the Point Distribution Here
Awards (ie. trophies / prizes) are given out at the FAME World Tour events based on the attributes displayed in each Round. Whenever there is a competitor who exemplifies the designated attributes as per the award description, that Award is handed out on stage. Similar to major Hollywood Events, each award is presented to only one person. However, should there be multiple individuals who qualify for it, then all those individuals are called out on stage as either Nominees &/or Finalists. Nominees are all those who could potentially win the Award. Finalists are only those who are in the running to receive the top placing, meaning that it’s not a clear-cut winner. Thus, the Award recipient earns the most Points followed by any Finalists and then the Nominees. There is never one set number of Finalists and Nominees possible, meaning that everyone who is deserving to be included is given that recognition. As such, all Awards received are based on merit. Recipients know, that regardless of how many other individuals compete alongside them, they are only given an Award when they are worthy.

Plus, within each round and each show, there is the opportunity for one person to scoop up a multitude of awards. Exciting!

In addition, all competitors receive an authentic certificate of Recognition (as well as corresponding Points) for having competed in a show. These certificates are presented on stage so that each competitor is certified and recognized for their triumphs and commitment to self.

Rewards are distributed to individuals whose point distribution and tabulation reaches a set level. Rewards include, and are not limited to, becoming a Muscles Making A Difference Everywhere (MMADE) spokesperson for the charity or demographic of their choice (see the example of FAME Pro Malachi Smith, a FAME Pro who received a VIP endorsement trip in East Africa); free entry fees, flights &/or hotel to designated FAME Championships events; products from sponsors; VIP vacation travel complete with celebrity treatment; tickets to the FAME Awards Gala; professional photoshoots; magazine cover tries, and more.


* Competitors become part of the Worldwide Ranking System which allows media, sponsors and scouts to actively recruit and find those athletes/role models who are best suited for certain opportunities. * Personal Trainers, Choreographers, Photographers, Videographers and Clothing Designers are also finally recognized.

For more information, visit

Photo: The FAME Northeast Championships 1/10/10 at the Philadelphia Sports Extravaganza


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