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Pierre Garcon Carrying Heavy Load Into SB XLIV

Preparing for the Super Bowl is a difficult task for anyone, let alone a young player making his first appearance in the big game. Most carry the burden of winning it for their family, alma mater and people of the city they play in. In the case of Pierre Garcon, he has taken on the added responsibility of doing it for an entire country that was devastated by a natural disaster.

“I’m trying to give [the people of Haiti] them a little hope and trying to help as much as I can and do something positive for them,” the Indianapolis Colts wide receiver said at Media Day of the January 12 earthquake in his homeland. “So far, I’m very pleased with what we done with a lot of help and support and I know we couldn’t do it by ourselves.”


His NFL brethren have come through by doing their part, with Garcon as the lead man. “A lot of the guys have been trying to help,” he commented. “They have been coming to me asking me how they can help out and what is there to do to help. A lot of guys have been trying to lend their support. I’ve heard from a lot of guys on our team and a lot of guys on the Jets. A lot of guys have reached out to me.”

In only his second NFL season, the Mount Union product became one of Peyton Manning’s favorite targets. Garcon started 13 of the 14 games he played in and totaled 47 receptions (16.3 average) for 765 yards and four touchdowns. “We have a great relationship,” Garcon said of his quarterback. “We are getting more familiar with each other. It is a growing relationship and a growing process.”


Garcon played a big part in the 30-17 win over the Jets in the AFC Championship Game with 11 catches for 151 yards and a touchdown and celebrated on the field afterwards holding a Haitian flag. He has brought it down to Miami and hopes to make a habit of waving it in victory following Super Bowl XLIV versus the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. “Hopefully we will win and I will have it out there with me,” said Garcon.

He will have a lot more than just the Haitian flag with him.

Photo By Bill Menzel


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