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UCL Christian Darrow-James Funaro Press Conference 2/17

On Wednesday, February 17, the Underground Combat League will hold a press conference from 2:00 to 5:00 PM at Maximum Motor Sports (1725 Route 58, Riverhead, New York, 11901) promoting their upcoming February 28 card. The main event will be the much-anticipated fight between James Funaro and Christian Darrow, one that has taken on a life of its own due to all the chatter on Internet forums on websites such as Bullshido and the UG.

Darrow has drawn the ire of the Internet community, with the majority of his critics hiding behind screen names and avatars depicting everything but their own image. As a matter of fact, both Darrow and Funaro have been very cordial towards one another while other people that have no stake whatsoever in this fight besides writing¬†“I told you so” in their next post seemed to have taken it personally. But all of that means very little right now with the date being so close.


The fight, originally scheduled for February 21, has been moved back a week and coined (sarcastic or not) ‘The Internet-Inspired Grudge Match of the Decade.’ For all the negative attention that Darrow has garnered with his YouTube videos and interviews, it has definitely has put the spotlight on the upcoming bout. Not to slight any of the other competitors who will be in action that day, but they will be taking a back seat to Funaro and Darrow.


A perfect example is the press conference. How many times has one been held for a local underground fight? Yes, this will be an interesting event and one that will only add to all the hype leading up to the last day of the month.


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