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Hapless Nets Come to Life Since Dance Team Announcement

When you’re team has lost 63 of their first 70 games and is staring at record futility in the face, you take anything you can to light a fire, or at least ignite a damp match, under their asses. Call it a coincidence, but the New Jersey Nets have actually won their last two games, with the 93-79 win over Sacramento coming on the eve of the announcement that their dance team has been chosen to compete in Round One of the NBA Dance Team Bracket.

Perhaps one has nothing to do with the other, but when the Nets defeated Detroit by eight points a few nights later, good karma seemed to be following them. With their ninth victory of the season, they not only have their first consecutive wins of the 2009-10 campaign, but also have tied the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers for the lowest win total in NBA history. It had been speculated for some time that the Nets would in fact finish the year with this dubious distinction.


Enter the dance team. On Tuesday, March 30, they will go head-to-head with the Indiana Pacemates. Whoever comes out on top will then face the Miami Heat Dancers on Monday, April 5. The voting is done online by fans on a special page on each team’s official website.

“The Nets Dancers are the hottest and most talented dance team in the NBA,” said Nets Entertainment Manager Kimberlee Garris. “We encourage our fans to show their support and vote for the dancers this Tuesday beginning at 2 PM.”


Perhaps both the team and dancers can finish the year on a high note. The Nets actually have an outside chance at catching the Minnesota Timberwolves (14-59) to not finish with the league’s worst record.

Photo by Errol Anderson

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