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Can Dennis Wolf Rebound at the NY Pro?

Sometimes a person needs to hit rock bottom to appreciate what they had in the past, or at least the potential. In the case of Dennis Wolf, he was unfairly over-hyped as one of the favorites in the 2009 Mr.Olympia. Two years earlier, the 31-year-old took fifth in Las Vegas and then jumped up one place in ’08. “Big Bad” Wolf suffered a groin injury and had to skip the 2009 Arnold Classic and was supposedly healed and ready to go come September.

But no one expected him to not even place.

Now Wolf has his sights set on getting back to respectability at the New York Pro. He has a new trainer in former IFBB pro Patrick Tour and their plan is to use a heavy duty training style, which Wolf likened to the same that Dorian Yates used in his prime. But training and size has never been the issue with the massive German. His nutrition and contest preparation timing became the focus of his failure last year.

In a new video posted on Flex Online, Wolf stated that his nutritionalist decided to not cut his carbs and then he carb-loaded three days out. Wolf immediately felt that something was wrong and it showed on stage. He had no striations and appeared soft and puffy.


With his next show six weeks away, Wolf appeared to be massive on the video clip but is he going to have enough time to cut down? This is as important a contest for him as any other he has competed in. To come on stage in anything but peak condition will be a risky endeavor, indeed. A once-promising career that has been sidetracked can become completely derailed if Wolf has a bad showing in the Big Apple.



2006 Europa Super Show – 7th

2006 Mr. Olympia – 16th

2007 New York Pro – 3rd

2007 Keystone Pro Classic – 1st

2007 Mr. Olympia – 5th

2008 Mr. Olympia – 4th

2009 Mr. Olympia – 16th

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