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Roelly Winklaar: Pro Bodybuilding’s Hottest Rookie

The pre-judging had just ended and the competitors made their way back to the pump-up room. Most pulled on a sweatshirt and sweatpants and tried to capture their thoughts. “What were the judges looking for? Did I hit that back double bicep pose just right? Hopefully I was conscious of flexing my calf when I hit it.”

These are all things going through their minds and they had only a few hours before the evening Finals would commence. But most of these men had been through it all before. But this was was Roelly Winklaar’s first professional show, let alone the 2010 Arnold Classic.

The Netherlands resident did not appear satisfied afterwards but remained positive. “I feel good,” he said. “I did my best.” Winklaar made the second call-out and for a rookie, that was quite an accomplishment in itself in a line-up as deep as this one was. “If I don’t make the top six, I’ll try again,” he said.


After the introductions and individual posing routines, six men remained in their posing trunks while the rest packed up. Winklaar joined his trainer Sibilla Peeters in the audience and when asked, said that he had no idea where he had placed at that time. His mood may have been brighter if he knew that he did in fact finish seventh, ahead of Hidetada Yamagishi, Melvin Anthony, Robert Piotrkowicz, Tarek Elsetouhi, Johnnie Jackson and Sergey Shelestov.

A week later at the Australian Pro, Winklaar qualified for the Mr. Olympia by taking third place. And just recently, he was signed by Muscular Development magazine and appears on the cover of their upcoming issue.

Things are certainly looking up for Winklaar and even if he decides not to compete again right away, his future looks very bright, indeed.


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