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Andrea White: Dedication & Consistency Go a Long Way

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“The passion I have about fitness is causing my dreams to line up…and one day VERY SOON, I will be a top competitor.”

Burlington, North Carolina resident Andrea White does not mince words. She has her sights set and her mind made up, so who are we to doubt her? Since her younger days, perfection has been something she has demanded from herself. “Whether it be track and field or cross country, finishing on top of my event was the only way I felt like a winner, so that was the ranking place that I strived for.”

Utilizing many different activities to get her body in the condition she wanted, White even studied dance in order to tone her overall figure. But nothing gave her more of a thrill than being able to squeeze out extra reps in the gym. “I’ve often found myself the only woman at the pull-up bar or jumping in on a set to squat with the ‘big boys,'” she said proudly.

It was at a community recreation center where White reached out to the weight room coach and asked him about fitness competitions. “I was so pumped up with the information that he was giving me that I worked extra hard in the gym to further push myself.” White did not personally know anyone who entered these type of competitions so she did her own research by reading magazines and going online.


While she was doing the background work, White – who now trains at The Rush – was asked to assist at the rec center’s boot camp, which led her to start her own outdoor fitness program entitled “Just Do It for Christ Athletics.” She was able to feel the satisfaction when she and her athletes entered a 10K Road Race and were able to bring home trophies.

This is something that she hopes becomes common in her life as she prepares for her first competition. White does not have a trainer and is self-taught, and that will make the success even sweeter tasting. “I’ve learned through dedication and consistency that you can get started and make it through just about any journey,” she commented, “but to go that extra mile, it has to be in your heart.”


From the humble beginnings with the idea of just staying fit morphed into inspiring others to get in shape and now the possibilities are endless. “My dreams of reaching the stage in the best shape of my life are moments away,” said White.

And we’ll all be there to watch when she does.

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