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Joel Julio Prepares for His WBO MIddleweight Title Fight vs. Alfredo Angulo

Joel Julio, 35-3, 31 KO’s, is in Deerfield Beach, Florida, training
for his April 24th fight against WBO Light Middleweight Champion,
Alfredo Angulo, 17-1, 14 KO’s.

From Punch Fitness in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Julio had this to say
about training camp and his opponent:

“This has been a tough camp. It’s been 8 solid weeks of training. I
can’t compare it to any of my other training camps, that ‘so called
training’ wasn’t anywhere near as tough. It’s also the longest I‘ve
been separated from my wife, but in spite of that I am happy and

Julio notes there are some significant differences from previous
camps, “I have a new Manager, Bob Perdiment. I have a great
conditioning coach, which I never had before. You are going to see a
noticeable difference in my body. I feel strong.” He added, “I have a
chiropractor working with me everyday. He stretches me, he re-aligns
my back, and he makes sure I stay loose. It’s really made a difference
in how I feel at the beginning and end of each day.”

“Each day I do three sessions of technical aspects of boxing with my
trainer Anthony Hamm. I also do three sessions of conditioning and
physical training with conditioning coach, Jeremy (Fedoruk). From day
to day we alternate the type of conditioning we do, one time swimming
and the next running.” Fedoruk has worked with boxers and as
conditioning coach for the Miami Dolphins.


Julio claims he is mentally and physically sharp, and can honestly say
he is in the best shape he’s ever been in, in his entire career.

When asked about his opponent Julio said, “We know that he’s a strong
fighter. He comes forward. So we are working on a lot of different
things, we’re working on counter punching; we’re working on speed,
movement. We will keep him out of his comfort zone.”

“We are not going to fool each other. We are both able to knock people
out. We both have power in our punches. But if you look at my record
you’ll see that I have 31 knockouts and it’s not by coincidence! At
anytime in the 12 rounds either one of us can go, I just don’t think
it’s going to be me!”


“I hope that Angulo has trained really, really, really hard. Because
if he hasn’t things are not going to go too well for him. I am ready
and I know for a fact that I am going to bring that belt home.”

Once the darling in his weight class, Julio could consider this fight
his shot at redemption. In this fight he’s the more experienced
fighter, and has fought much tougher competition as a pro. All of his
losses have come from southpaws, this time he is fighting a right
hander. Julio’s camp feels his superior experience and new training
regimen will propel him to a win in Angulo’s home state.

This fight is co-promoted by Main Events, All Star Boxing, Inc. and
Goossen Tutor Promotions. The 10 round bout will be Joel Julio’s third
appearance on HBO. The fight will be held at Citizens Business Bank
Arena in Ontario, California. It will be televised on HBO’s Boxing
After Dark, “Ring Of Fire “ presentation, featuring the NABO and IBF
International Heavyweight Championship fight between Tomasz Adamek and
Chris Arreola, on April 24th, 11:15pm ET/PT.

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Source: Ellen Haley, Main Events

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