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D-MIX Energy Pump

Nowadays, everyone is trying to get some energy into their lives and have gone through an endless supply of cans and bottles (and money) in search of the Holy Grail of pocket boosts. Save yourself the frustration of spending your life savings on something that will last only five hours at the most and graduate to D-MIX, which is a convenient 1-ounce pump that is ultra-portable.

Choose from one of three flavors: punch, mint or coffee. Don’t like spraying it directly in your mouth? Then just add to water or your favorite beverage to energize day and night.

Another great trait in D-MIX is that the dosage can be customized for each user. Man or woman, heavy or light, it tells you right on the canister how many pumps will work for you. Start with a few pumps and add more during your workout if necessary. Precision dosing like this will avoid the crash, nervousness and jitters commonly associated with other brands.

Each bottle of D-MIX contains 15 10-pump servings and 700mg of highly concentrated and pure caffeine. The cost? A mere $5.99, my friend. In case you need any more convincing, 5-Hour Energy drink (which requires you to drink the entire bottle in one serving) will give you only 100mg of caffeine for each bottle, which will run anywhere from $2.99 to $3.49. That means will have to break the piggy bank for the $21 it will cost you in 5-Hour Energy that will serve the same as a single bottle of D-MIX.

Besides all of that caffeine, D-MIX is also loaded with:

*21 Amino Acids

*7 Antioxidants

*12 Multi-Vitamins

*66,667 % Vitamin B-12

Take advantage of their great deal – try all three flavors for just $19.97 and also receive a free t-shirt and free shipping. You cannot beat that, no matter how far and wide you look. Order today at

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