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Albert Beckles, IFBB Hall of Famer, on MuscleSport Radio 8/25

On Wednesday, August 25, MuscleSport Radio is proud to welcome the legendary Albert Beckles to the show. The ageless wonder competed in four different decades, starting off with the 1965 NABBA Mr. Britain and finally walking away after the 1992 IFBB Niagara Falls Pro Invitational at the age of 62.

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Competitive History
Year Competition Placing
1965 Mr Britain 5th
1965 Mr. Universe Medium 3rd
1966 Mr. Universe 6th
1967 Mr. Britain 3rd
1967 Mr. Universe Medium 1st
1968 Mr Britain 2nd
1969 Mr Britain 2nd
1969 Mr. World Medium 2nd
1969 Mr. Universe Medium 3rd
1970 Mr. Britain 1st
1970 Mr. Europe Overall 1st
1970 Mr. Europe Medium 1st
1970 Mr. Universe Medium 2nd
1971 Mr. Britain 1st
1971 Mr. World 1st
1971 Mr. World Medium 1st
1971 Mr. World Most muscular 1st
1971 Mr. Universe Overall 1st
1971 Mr. Universe Medium 1st
1971 NABBA Mr. Universe 1st
1973 Mr. Europe Overall 1st
1973 Mr. Europe Medium 1st
1973 Mr. Universe Medium 1st
1975 Mr. Olympia Lightweight 3rd
1975 Mr. Universe Medium 2nd
1977 Mr. Olympia 7th
1977 Mr. Olympia Short 4th
1978 Olympia Lightweight 8th
1979 Best in the World Professional 3rd
1979 Grand Prix Pennsylvania 3rd
1979 Mr. Olympia Lightweight 7th
1979 World Pro Championships 2nd
1980 Mr. Universe 4th
1980 World Pro Championships 4th
1981 Canada Pro Cup 2nd
1981 Grand Prix Belgium 2nd
1981 Grand Prix California 4th
1981 Grand Prix Louisiana 2nd
1981 Grand Prix Massachusets 2nd
1981 Grand Prix New England 1st
1981 Grand Prix New York 2nd
1981 Grand Prix Wales 3rd
1981 Grand Prix World Cup 6th
1981 Night of Champions 2nd
1981 Professional World Cup 6th
1981 World Grand Prix 2nd
1982 Grand Prix Belgium 2nd
1982 Grand Prix Sweden 4th
1982 Night of Champions 1st
1982 Mr. Olympia 5th
1982 World Pro Championships 1st
1983 Grand Prix England 5th
1983 Grand Prix Las Vegas 3rd
1983 Grand Prix Portland 4th
1983 Grand Prix Sweden 5th
1983 Grand Prix Switzerland 5th
1983 Night of Champions 3rd
1983 Mr. Olympia 7th
1984 Canada Pro Cup 1st
1984 Mr. Olympia 4th
1984 World Grand Prix 1st
1984 World Pro Championships 1st
1985 Night of Champions 1st
1985 Mr. Olympia 2nd
1984 Mr. Olympia 4th
1987 Grand Prix France 4th
1987 Grand Prix Germany 6th
1987 Grand Prix Germany (2) 4th
1987 Mr. Olympia 7th
1987 World Pro Championships 3rd
1988 Chicago Pro Invitational 4th
1988 Grand Prix England 7th
1988 Grand Prix France 11th
1988 Grand Prix Germany 8th
1988 Grand Prix Italy 8th
1988 Grand Prix Spain 8th
1988 Grand Prix Spain 7th
1988 Night of Champions 5th
1988 Olympia 15th
1988 World Pro Championships 10th
1989 Arnold Classic 7th
1988 World Pro Championships 10th
1989 Arnold Classic 7th
1989 Grand Prix England 9th
1989 Grand Prix Finland 9th
1989 Grand Prix France 9th
1989 Grand Prix Holland 11th
1989 Grand Prix Melbourne 4th
1989 Grand Prix Spain 10th
1989 Grand Prix Spain (2) 10th
1989 Grand Prix Sweden 9th
1989 Grand Prix US Pro 4th
1989 Night of Champions 8th
1989 Mr. Olympia 15th
1989 World Pro Championships 4th
1990 Arnold Classic 9th
1990 Houston Pro Invitational 11th
1990 Niagara Falls Pro Invitational 12th
1990 Night of Champions Out of Top 15
1991 Grand Prix Denmark 7th
1991 Grand Prix England 7th
1991 Grand Prix Finland 9th
1991 Grand Prix Italy 8th
1991 Grand Prix Spain 9th
1991 Grand Prix Switzerland 8th
1991 Niagara Falls Pro Invitational 1st
1991 Night of Champions 7th
1991 Mr. Olympia Out of Top 15
1991 Pittsburgh Pro Invitational 12th
1991 San Jose Pro Invitational 5th
1992 Chicago Pro Invitational 16th
1992 Niagara Falls Pro Invitational 8th

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