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Kai Greene Primed to Take Next Step at Mr. Olympia

With less than a month ago before the Mr. Olympia, Kai Greene has everything in place. The two-time Arnold Classic champion has reportedly been training extremely hard in preparation for the battle with Jay Cutler and looked huge on his recent appearance on ESPN2. Greene will have his work cut out for him in taking down the defending champ and Cutler will have to be knocked out to be defeated.


If the judges feel that Cutler has come into the show as good or better than he looked last September, then he will in all likelihood win his fourth Sandow trophy in five years. But Greene brings something extra to the table in showmanship and has become a fan favorite almost overnight. Prior to the 2009 Arnold, his name didn’t immediately conjure up thoughts of big wins, but the Brooklyn, New York native blew everyone away with a physique and posing routine that will go down in history as one of the most unique of all time.

At the 2009 Olympia, Greene did not look as sharp and took fourth in his first attempt at the Sandow. He obviously peaked earlier in the year and will try to use that to his advantage this time around. He knows what didn’t work then and will do his best to change that 12 months later.

Bodybuilding fans know that Greene will be be a force on stage. It depends on if the judges feel the same way.

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