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Keith Olbermann’s Ground Zero Mosque Opinions Make Us Break Tradition

Mixing politics and sports should be avoided as much as possible, but there comes a time and a place when refraining from it is deemed impossible. Such is the case with Keith Olbermann‘s rant on what is commonly known in the media as the Ground Zero Mosque. With the ninth year since the September 11th tragedy just passing, Olbermann’s comments sting even more than they did in August when they were first aired on CNBC in August and have forced our hand to go against the grain.

For those who were lucky – or smart enough – to not see it, the former ESPN SportsCenter anchor took his liberal beliefs to a new level. How soon some people forget what was lost that fateful day and the level of patriotism we all felt soon after. Olbermann had the balls to make such statements like, “The shameful truth about our country,” when sucking Muslim dick by trying to convince us that they were more at risk as victims of terrorism since 9-11 than non-Muslims.

If it weren’t for the safety precautions put into place after 9-11 and the proactive stance our military has taken for intelligence gathering, more than a few tragedies would have followed in different cities around the country and the world. Call it whatever you want but results are results and that information saved numerous lives. Waterboarding? Torture? Too fuckin’ bad; it worked.

This bespectabled bastard then went on to say that Americans have not exactly been the nicest of people throughout their country’s history and resorted to bringing Native-Americans into it. That’s a typical and predictable left-wing point during discussions of this nature and never holds water. What occurred a long, long time ago is not relevant when discussing terrorism. If it were, then a whole shitload of people would be coming down hard on the locals in Rome.

Olbermann should have a little more decency for a person who actually worked in the World Trade Center at one time (as did I) and described the location of the planned Islamic center being two blocks from it “very generous” in an attempt to convey that it is actually further off. But then the Herman Munster look-alike stated that the landing gear of one of the airplanes that fell 90 stories fell through the roof of the building in question.

Wait a minute – one one hand he tried to convince us the Mosque-to-be is not really that close to Ground Zero but he follows that up with informing us that a piece of one of the planes damaged the roof of that same place. What the fuck???? That alone speaks volumes about this man.

His feeble attempt at the old liberal strategy of pointing elsewhere and hoping for a distraction was uncanny. Olbermann pointed out that there are two churches closer to Ground Zero than the proposed project, but no one recalls Catholic fanatics taking down the World Trade Center, do they? And does Olbermann really believe that we will be doing the terrorist’s “heavy lifting for them” by changing our country and opposing the Islamic cultural center? That’s a bit of a stretch, isn’t it? Perhaps that is a change for the better.

We also learned via the Olbermann report that there has been a similar Islamic center at 20 Warren street in downtown Manhattan for years, even before 9-11, with no issues from either side. OK, so let the people who intended on praying or playing basketball at the Ground Zero Mosque to go there then.

Perhaps the best part of this entire charade was the parting shot of, “This is America, damn it!” As if Olbermann had not made a complete asshole out of himself a hundred times over already, he took it upon himself to use a phrase that he undoubtedly said so that anyone watching would have to shake their head and think, “Was this guy totally serious or just jerking us off with this whole thing?” Unfortunately he was not kidding.

For those who use sports as an escape from the shit that goes on in the real world, you can rest easy knowing that Olbermann will not be a part of NBC’s “Football Night in America” studio show. The official reason given by the network was that they wanted the pseudo-George Mican to concentrate on his political segments and not because he was hated by the audience. His schtick doesn’t work for sports or anything else for that matter.


“We now return you to your regular scheduled programming.” Sorry for the interruption, folks. This mixing in of politics on a sports media outlet was out of necessity and we hope that you understand. When people such as Olbermann spew their rhetoric and shit on what became a unified nation of Democrats and Republicans after 9-11, we feel as if we were put in a corner. To not come out swinging would be a pussy move, so we chose to give him a few shots in the name of patriotism.

Here’s a good barometer of someone’s manhood and the validity off their argument: You are blocked from following @KeithOlbermann and viewing @KeithOlbermann’s Tweets.

(Yeah, that’s it. We’ll jump on that ledge to legitimize our argument. If douchebags like Olbermann can forget so quickly, then we’ll can keep reminding them.)

EDITOR’S NOTE: The writer is also a retired NYPD sergeant and was down at Ground Zero during rescue/recovery, losing many people that he knew that day and the years since then from the poisonous atmosphere. 

Photo: Keith Olbermann Twitter (the one part we have the access to)


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