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With Heather Armbrust Out of Ms. Olympia, Expect Iris Kyle to Win Again

The stage was set and the battle would have been one of the best in Ms. Olympia history. Heather Armbrust, who finished as last year’s runner-up, was poised to take the title from Iris Kyle. But the Colorado resident has dropped out due to personal reasons.

Armbrust was unable to compete in the Ms. International at the Arnold Classic in March due to injury and was on schedule with her training after recovering. When she was on MuscleSport Radio this summer, Armbrust stated that she was 100 percent and training hard for the O. But whatever occurred between then and now was serious enough for her to decide to forego what is her most important contest to date.

Iris Kyle is a true champion and surely would have welcomed the challenge that Armbrust surely would have brought, but now her sights must set on Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia, who finished second behind Kyle at the Arnold. Kyle has won five out of the last six Ms. Olympias, and the one exception came in 2005 when Oriquen-Garcia defeated her.


There is a big drop-off in the competitors list after these two women. Lisa Aukland and Betty Pariso have also qualified and are not competing, with speculation that either one or both will shortly announce their retirement. Perhaps a dark horse such as Zoa Linsey can sneak up on the competition and impress the judges. There is definitely room in the top six here.

It will certainly not be the same contest without Armbrust.

Ms. Olympia Qualified Competitors (NC=Not competing)

1. Sheila Bleck (USA)
2. Helen Bouchard (Canada)
3. Brigita Brezovac (Slovenia)
4. Dayana Cadeau (Canada)
5. Tina Chandler (USA)
6. Heather Foster (USA)
7. Iris Kyle (USA)
8. Debi Laszewski (USA)
9. Cathy LeFrancois (Canada)
10. Zoa Linsey (Canada)
11. Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia (Venezuela)
NC. Heather Armbrust (USA)
NC. Lisa Aukland (USA)
NC. Betty Pariso (USA)

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