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Day 3 – 2010 Mr. Olympia 202 Showdown Pre-Judging Report

Every year, it seems that the 202 Division gets tougher and tougher. That is certainly not the exception now as bodybuilding fans who arrived at the Olympia Expo this morning were treated to an incredibly tight pre-judging. Kevin English, the defending champion, looks to be even bigger than last time around and can certainly pack the muscle on his frame. The Great Neck, New York resident appears to be on top again and his adversary David Henry has done his homework, too.

If the call-outs are any indication, it will be English and Henry standing together again waiting for the official announcement tonight at The Orleans Arena to see who will take the 202. Jose Raymond and Eduardo Correa also came to play and that should be your top four. Jason Arntz showed some true emotion when he was named in the initial call-out and came here dry as the Sahara desert. Tricky Jacskon and Roc Shabazz will also be in the mix for the top six.



1 – Ahmad Ahmad

2 – Jason Arntz

3 – Eduardo Correa

4 – Kevin English

5 – Daryl Gee

6 – David Henry

7 – Jaroslav Horvath

8 – Ricky “Tricky” Jckson

9 – Stan McQuay

10- Luc Molines

11 – Steve Namat

12 – Bola Ojex

13 – Jose Raymond

14 – Roc Shabazz

15 – Mike Valentino

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