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Erica Dee – More Than Just a Wrestling Diva

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We dare you to call Erica Dee a Tomboy. The 22-year old from Long Island, New York may have the credentials for that dubious distinction, but being schooled in kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu and wrestling make her a lethal weapon in high heels. Plus she’s drop-dead gorgeous.

“I’ve watched professional wrestling since the day I was born,” she said. “I can still remember being three years old and watching Brett “The Hitman” Hart with the WWF.” Most seven-year-old girls are playing with their Barbie dolls, but Erica took up classes to learn something a little bit different. “I joined Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing and trained there for over 11 years,” she recalled.

Choosing to not rest on her laurels, Erica later joined a wrestling school and began to learn the skills of her first love. “I went there for a year before it closed down,” Erica said. “Right now I’m at a new wrestling school training as a manager/valet.” Erica has put her skills to work as a member of Fight The World Wrestling as Lady “Diamond” Dee, the manager of Joey Ace, who just happens to be her real-life boyfriend.

With the recent launch of FTW‘s women’s division, the debut of Erica Dee “The Knockout” cannot be far behind. “I will pick up on my wrestling training this coming year with the hopes of getting some in-ring action. I also joined boxing and MMA and I hope to enter a fight very soon.”

During her day job, Erica works in an office at a pre-school and loves being around children. In her college days, Erica majored in Broadcast Journalism and contributed to their weekly newspaper. “I love to write,” she said,” so I hope to continue my education in the near future.”


Similar to the WWE’s CM Punk, Erica follows a Straight Edge lifestyle. “No smoking, drinking or drugs,” said Erica. “I stand very firm on that.”

Just one of the many positive traits possessed by this special young lady.

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