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Quotes From Adamek – Maddalone Main Events Press Conference

Kathy Duva: “Every time Tomasz Adamek steps into the ring at Prudential Center we have an amazing time. It’s a giant party. It starts a few hours before the fight and continues until the last punch is thrown, literally!” She added, “The other night I was at the Jets game and everyone was crowded in close quarters waiting for the rain to stop, having a great time and I said, ‘My God this looks just like an Adamek fight, except here everyone’s in green and white.’ Everyone who comes to see an Adamek fight is going to have the time of their life.”

“This fight will also be televised on Pay Per View like the last Adamek fight. For our friends in Poland, this fight will be televised on Polsat.”

Joe DeGuardia: “In the Ward and Gatti days you had Irish vs. Italian, with this one, Irish – Polish; NY – NJ. Those are the things that make for drama and excitement. Grab those tickets so you can say you were there.”

“Vinny is NY boxing. He epitomizes boxing of the old days, when it was the sport of kings. In the 1950’s we had warriors going out there and battling everyday. That’s Vinny Maddalone.”

Vinny Maddalone: “I know I am going in as the underdog, but you know, I’ve been the underdog throughout my career. So all I’ve got to say is I’m going to give it everything I got in the ring. I am going to leave it all in the ring that night and I’m going to let my hands do the talking.”

“I’m going to take 2 or 3 punches to exchange one, that’s me. I’m not going to change overnight. We are working on little things in the gym that will hopefully make a difference on December 9th: be first; head movement; don’t let him dictate the fight.”

“I hope to give the fans their money’s worth. It’ll be a fight like that. What I get out of it, is that people come up to me after the fight and say ‘Wow, I haven’t seen a fight like that since the 50’s’. To me that means everything.”

“I think the Polish people are going to fall in love with me because they are going to say, ‘There’s a guy who gives it everything he’s got.’ It’s going to be great.”


Roger Bloodworth: “The thing that I picked up about Vinny as I watched many of his fights, is that he doesn’t quit. If he gets hit, he just keeps coming. I applaud Vinny for taking this fight because it’s going to be a hard fight, and Tomasz needs those kind of fights if he’s going to progress.”

“Tomasz is very tough mentally. He doesn’t get scared; He was very calm against Mike Grant. I can teach a fighter how to box, but I can’t teach a boxer how to fight.”

Bloodworth on Adamek’s biggest asset in this fight: “His hand speed.”

Bloodworth on a possible future fight with one of the Klitschko brothers: “We’re taking one fight at a time. If you look ahead, you forget about what’s in front of you.”

Tomasz Adamek: “After Grant, I sat with Roger and Ziggy. We said ‘What do we do now? We need an opponent that brings to Prudential Center arena many fans. We gave a chance to Vinny Maddalone. He can bring many fans to the Prudential Center from New York. He lives close, and has a lot of fans. In every fight, he is very exciting. I think we’ll make a good show for everybody.”

Tomasz Adamek                                                       Vinny Maddalone
Gilowice, Poland & Jersey City, NJ          VS.              Queens, NY
42-1, 27 KO’s                                                             33-6, 24 KO’s

IBF International Heavyweight and NABO Heavyweight Championship
December 9, 2010, Prudential Center, Newark, NJ. Doors open 6:00pm

Presented by Main Events & Ziggy Promotions, in association with Star Boxing.
Fight venue: Newark’s Prudential Center
Tickets priced at $53, $78, $103 and $253 (ringside),can be purchased at Prudential Center Box Office, by calling TicketMaster at 800-745-3000 or

Main Events,  Ellen Haley,
Pru Center, Anne Sciaino,
Star Boxing, Kevin Rooney,

Source: Main Events

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