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Drunken Browns Fan Attacks 8-Year-Old Jets Fan

An appalling story came out of Cleveland the other day when an adult drunken Browns fan attacked an eight-year-old child in the parking lot of Browns Stadium following the Jets 26-20 overtime win. The lad was celebrating his birthday, had attended his first NFL game and was holding his father’s hand when this piece of shit tackled him from behind.

Regardless of the fact that the boy only suffered minor injuries and that his parents decided not to call the police, this is an act that needs to be dealt with harshly. Enter Joe Pietaro and MucleSport Mag…

“After hearing about this, I felt it was necessary to step up and challenge this load that should have been swallowed,” said Pietaro, the Founding Editor of the five-tiered media outlet. “He is a pussy, coward and bully and I want a piece of him. He’s probably a twenty-something asshole and I’m in my forties, but I sure as hell am no eight-year-old kid.”

The Jets organization offered to fly the entire Brennan family of Painesville, Ohio in to a game at the New Meadowlands Stadium, host them in a suite and give them an all-access pass. Danielle Brennan, the boy’s mother, politely declined the offer but stated that they may take the Jets up on it in the future. Building on that, Pietaro has made an offer that shouldn’t be refused.

“I will buy you a one-way ticket out of my pocket from Ohio to New York,” he said to the drunken Browns fan. “You won’t need a round trip after I am through with you.”

Challenging the guy’s manhood is a strategy that Pietaro hopes will work. “These type of guys have no balls unless they’re drinking, so I’ll even buy him a six-pack when he lands,” he commented. “What will happen to him will be much worse than some misdemeanor charge he would have faced if the parents called the cops.”

Now it’s up to you, Mr. Drunken Browns fan. Joe is waiting for you in New York. As a matter of fact, he will make it easier for you.

“In March, I’ll be in Columbus, Ohio for the 2011 Arnold Classic,” Pietaro said with a smile. “If this jerk-off won’t come to me, then I’ll have to go to him.”

Game on…



  1. E_From_Ohio

    November 28, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    Roid rage much??? Wanna bet it was a media blow up that someone probably fell and happend to knock the kid down? Keep drinking your buddy’s “protein” and sticking that needle in your ass buddy…. You make make a name for yourself yet!

  2. Joe Pietaro

    November 28, 2010 at 10:15 pm


    Thanks for your comment. Not much of a surprise that you take exception to this video clip and article considering your screen name.

    With that said, it’s easy to make assumptions and accusations like you did. But both of them are baseless, to say the least. You are protecting the drunk and dismissing hard work for the short cut.

    The one statement that you did make which is on point is the last.

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