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Kai Greene To Sit Out 2011 Arnold Classic

According to a report on, two-time defending champion Kai Greene will sit out the 2011 Arnold Classic. The Brooklyn native was expected to be in Columbus, Ohio come March and take the stage looking to make it three in a row. But he made the surprising announcement that he will not compete.

Greene stated in the report that due to competing at least three times every year since 2006, his body needed a rest for him to be in top condition once the 2011 Mr. Olympia arrives. He will in fact compete before September to qualify for the O, so bodybuilding fans will get to see what Greene looks like after a decent break.

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Considering that he seems to peak once a year, going all out for the Sandow may seem like a good strategy on the outside. If Greene can harness his conditioning in the Fall instead of earlier in the calendar year, then this seems like a smart strategic move. But if he puts all his eggs in one basket and fails to make at least the top three, then the critics will have a field day.


Greene has taken a lot of criticism since finishing seventh in the 2010 Mr. Olympia. He was probably lucky to have placed as high as he did and could have easily fell out of the top 10. His abdominal area was far from sharp and was definitely one of his weaker points and Greene needs to concentrate on improving that if he hopes to have any shot at unseating Jay Cutler.


It will be a much different Arnold without Greene and Phil Heath, last year’s runner-up who previously announced that he was taking the show off. That opens the door for someone like Dennis Wolf or Branch Warren, or even a wild card such as Evan Centopani.


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