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Green Bay Packers Still a Surprise 2.5 Point Favorite in Super Bowl XLV

When the line first was announced for Super Bowl XLV, many of the pundits were surprised to see that the Green Bay Packers were 3 point favorites. Considering that the NFC representative in the big game was the sixth seed in their conference and had to play three road games, one would figure that should have come into play.

Especially when you take into consideration that the Pittsburgh Steelers had the extra bye week and advanced by winning two home games against their conference opponents. Plus the experience factor: many of these same Steelers have won two of the last five Super Bowls. Some may point to the most recent Super Bowl when the first time New Orleans Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts, who tasted victory only four Februarys earlier, as proof that being there before means nothing when the ball is kicked off.


54 Super Bowl rings have been amassed by players on the current Steelers roster while only one Packer has the hardware, and that is John Kuhn, who earned one as a member of the 2005 Steelers practice squad. What is so shocking about this line is that the Steelers had a two-month streak snapped of being the favorite. Another eyebrow-raising stat is the the Packers have been the underdog in two playoff games this postseason.

But as two full weeks have nearly passed, the spread has dropped only 1/2 point. Many people have surely bet Pittsburgh and that would usually have a bigger effect on the line. But it has to be nearly split down the middle for it to be where it is right now. That is where the book makes out  – even bets means a win for the house.

Photo by Bill Menzel

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