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Arnold Classic Men’s Bodybuilding Pre-Judging Report

If the call-outs were any indication this afternoon, it looks as if Branch Warren will win his first Arnold Classic. The Texas native looked awesome and brings so much mass to the table while still maintaining his lineage. The crowd at the pre-judging in Columbus, Ohio gave Warren the loudest ovation with good reason.

Another person receiving a warm welcome was Evan Centopani, who is competing in only his third pro show and first Arnold. He recently won the FLEX Pro and still appears sharp, but Dennis Wolf (who placed fourth at the FLEX) looks to have better conditioning here than he did in California, and that may be enough to get him past the young Centopani.

Dexter Jackson looks smaller than he has in the past but still is in great shape. Victor Martinez looks much better than he did at the 2010 Mr. Olympia but is not as hard as he used to be. Ronny Rockel looks really good as usual but once again it appears his diminutive stature will work against him when faced with such a big line-up. He deserves better.


Roelly Winklaar looks good, but not in the top six. Johnnie Jackson appears thick and hard. Toney Freeman doesn’t look as good as he did in September.

This is the way we see it turning out with pre-judging behind us:

1 – Branch Warren

2 – Dennis Wolf

3 – Evan Centopani

4 – Victor Martinez

5 – Ronny Rockel

6 – Dexter Jackson

We feel that Rockel is much better than both Victor and Dexter, but he will probably not get the nod over the larger Dominican Dominator.

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