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Gain Muscle By Going to the Gym

By Andrew Rayburn – While you might have the self-motivation to get your regular exercise routine done at home, you perhaps don’t have the space or the money for the equipment you’ll need for a comprehensive workout.

A lot of bodybuilders, weightlifters and exercise enthusiasts also attest to the fact that when they go to the gym, they are spurred on to push themselves that extra mile by either their exercise partners or the atmosphere the gym provides.

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Another big advantage of training at a gym as opposed to at home is that once you’re there, you’ve got nothing to do but work out. No one can disturb or distract you, and you can get on with working towards your goals in peace and in a really motivational atmosphere.

The final pro about joining a gym is that you can choose what kind of gym you attend and what level of membership you buy. It really doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money, and many gyms offer a get-out after your first three months is up. Some gyms offer a really basic service, but certainly do the job if that’s all you can afford.

If all you need is a room full of equipment and some like-minded people around you, then you can go for a more basic gym. Some of the bigger gyms have swimming pools, classes, personal training services, and even spas – so for those who like to wind down with a swim or a Jacuzzi, then these gyms will really keep your motivation up.

Wherever you’re based, get down and check out your local gym. Do your research – maybe talk to the guys in your local sports nutrition shop where they best like going, and check out the rest of this website for more detailed info. Think about what you want from your weight training program, and check out the gym’s facilities.

If, when you begin your search for the ideal gym, you don’t have anyone you can ask, the next best place to start looking is right here on the Internet. Whether you’re looking for Cambridgeshire gyms, Dublin gyms or gyms in Cheltenham – wherever you search for, you’ll find something near you. Get yourself on local internet forums and ask the other users there where they would recommend.

The more efficiently you train, the more strength you gain, the more muscle you gain. Simple. If you’re looking into becoming a bodybuilder or weightlifter, find out more about what’s known as ‘strength training’, under which heading come weightlifting, bodyweight exercises and machine exercises.

Weightlifting is probably the best of the three because it allows you to start off light and build gradually using barbells with exercises such as squats, overhead presses, bench presses, barbell rows & deadlifts. Starting off light and building base strength is important for preventing and avoiding injury. Over exertion at the wrong time has the potential to cause a lot of damage and could put you out of training for months.

Bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups, chin-ups and push-ups allow you to employ your own bodyweight as resistance. These exercises can be a hard one to start off with, however, if you’re not quite there with your body strength.

Machines balance the weight for you, making exercising with them easier and thus less effective than free weights or bodyweight exercises, and can cause injury due to forcing your body to move in an unnatural way – a danger which is especially acute when you’re lifting really heavy weights.

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