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Introducing Heather Leff, MuscleSport Mag’s Newest Staff Writer

This is part of a continuing series provided exclusively by MuscleSport Mag entitled, “This is Your Magazine,” where we profile the everyday athlete. If you would like to see yourself profiled here, please send us your story and photo to

“Basically, I love your message.”

That one line could have been enough for us to welcome fitness model Heather Leff into the MuscleSport Mag family, but we were sold the minute our eyes fell on the pictures she included in her initial e-mail to us.

That message was just the beginning of what has now become a working relationship, with the addition of Leff as one of our staff writers. Starting with the Summer 2011 edition of our online magazine, the 34-year-old Malvern, Pennsylvania native will be the head writer covering women’s bodybuilding, fitness, figure and bikini. But first things first.

Upon discovering our website and the “This Is Your Magazine” section, Leff knew that she was a good fit. “Why not reach out to the ones that truly represent what I’m about?” she asked no one in particular. “And once I saw your site, I knew that you were one of those companies.”

Although she began working out at the age of 16, Leff considers her ‘training’ to have commenced in her mid-20s. But she was far from your average young lady in the gym. “At first I bought into the light weight/high rep philosophy,” she recalled. “Then it clicked that the only way I’d see my muscles grow was to switch up my game and move heavier weight.”

Waking up at 5:00 AM six days a week to train is hardly an inconvenience for Leff. As a matter of fact, she treats it as if it were a second job. “Just saying I’ve made the gym a lifestyle isn’t an option,” she says rather convincingly. “I walk the walk.” She treats her diet the same way and quipped, “That’s all part of the deal. Can’t walk that walk without both feet in.”


Personal tragedy plays a part in Leff’s commitment to being healthy and fit. In 2008, she sadly lost an older brother to addiction and confided, “Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him and the choices he made. That’s my motivation for only turning to positive things that make me feel good and are good for me.”

Asked when she knew that she had something special going, Leff told us, “I knew when I was voted into second place in this year’s BodySpace spokesmodel semifinals. The response was overwhelming and it gave me the drive to make an impact.”

Leff has made such drastic gains that many people just assumed that she was a competitor, which she finds hard to believe. “Coming from the mindset where you never think you’re ‘enough’ is a difficult self-perception to shatter,” she said regarding her decision to wait until the time is right to enter her first show. “When I really think about it, I know I could do it. Part of my charm is being an overachieving perfectionist. So we’ll see what the future has in store.”

The one thing that we do know about the future is that MuscleSport Mag is a better product with Leff now on board.

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This is Your Magazine’ is merely one of the reasons why MuscleSport Mag is far and wide better than any other publication out there. What other media outlet features the up and coming athlete, the same as if he or she was a professional in their industry? This is the place to get your face and story out there, and who knows what opportunities may arise from that type of exposure?

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