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Jorge Posada Lucky To Still Have a Job

How would your boss react if you asked to miss a day’s work while you were grossly underperforming and then your wife opened her mouth and contradicted your excuse? Probably send you packing or at least suspend you for a period of time. In the case of Jorge Posada, the soon-to-be 40-year-old got a free pass.

Making matters worse, Posada had this beauty for a cameo: “I kind of apologized to [Yankees manager Joe Girardi]. I just had a bad day yesterday.”

We agree, Jorgie. A real bad day. But “kind of” apologizing to your manager doesn’t cut it. Either way, Posada is totally out of line in this instance. Let’s say that he was feeling one hundred percent but was just miffed that Girardi dropped him (and his .165 batting average) to ninth in the batting order. Is that a reason to be coy and just ask for a day off? Shame on Girardi for not asking more questions of his designated hitter.

“Hey, can I have the day off?” is not something that should be followed by a yes, but rather a “why?” Or in Posada’s case, a “thanks.” When your DH is hitting miles under the Mendoza Line, any time you can leave his name off the line-up card is a huge advantage.


Once the missus Tweeted that his back was the reason he needed to sit, Posada looked foolish. He would have been better of being honest (if his back was in fact bothering him) and told Girardi as much. Instead, he had to make a spectacle of himself.

This is not totally out of character for Posada, either. Yes, he has been a good soldier for the majority of his time in baseball but let’s not forget when Posada stomped on the tiny home plate cameras like a pair of Bronx cockroaches during the 2004 ALCS. And then he had an attitude about it when questioned.

The only reason why he is still in pinstripes is because of his successful past. When Yankees general manager Brian Cashman re-signed him to a four-year, $52.4 million dollar free agent contract in 2007 (the last time he hit .300), it was because the crosstown Mets were wooing him. Cashman upped his original offer by a year to keep Posada around and now he is paying $13.1 million for a disgruntled former catcher in his walk year.

The Yankees have no problem eating contracts and even for a hometown hero like Posada, that may be the best solution for everyone involved.

Photo by Aris Sakellaridis

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