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The Mayor of Bodybuilding on MuscleSport Radio 5/24, Cedric McMillan Issue To Be Discussed

On Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 1:00 PM Eastern time, The Mayor of Bodybuilding will join us on the airwaves of MuscleSport Radio. The latest addition to our staff, ‘Hizzoner’ will be discussing the upcoming New York Pro and, on a more personal level, what occurred between IFBB professional bodybuilder Cedric McMillan and himself on the Muscular Development forums.

In case you’ve been pulling a Rip Van Winkle, the “No Bull” (and eventually “The Pit”) on the  Muscular boards blew up after the recent Europa show in Orlando when McMillan took first place. The Mayor gave his opinion on Evengy Mishin – who finished in third place – and how much he liked and respected him when that apparently hit a nerve with McMillan.

“Trust me with this… Those Pros are frontin (putting up a fasade) with u. I’ve heard it at least 10 times from 10 different pros. Quit trying to make yourself important to this sport. Guys being nice to your face is giving u a false sense of security”

Having the pros on the boards makes bodybuilding unique from the other sports. You take the good with the bad when that type of accessibility is at hand. McMillan’s exact post repeated above definitely falls into the latter category.

What followed was a frenzy of posts going back and forth reaching epic proportions. Whatever side you’re on, it’s hard to admit that this wasn’t entertaining. With the New York Pro coming up, can McMillan and The Mayor co-exist in the same building? We shall see and MuscleSport TV will be on hand to bring you whatever transpires.


What do you think? Where do you fall into the above categories? Why not pick up the phone and call in live and let us know. The call-in number is (347) 884-8157.

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