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Evan Centopani Makes Wise Decision To Skip 2011 Mr. Olympia

Some bodybuilders do well by entering multiple competitions every year, while others are bested served by keeping it down to one or two. In Evan Centopani’s case, the 29-year-old has even extended his offseason over 12 months to get where he wanted. After getting his pro card, he waited approximately two years before taking the stage again at the 2009 New York Pro.

Centopani was victorious that evening in Manhattan and did not enter a contest again until the FLEX Pro Championships earlier this year, where he once again stood in the winner’s circle. He then entered his first Arnold Classic and placed a very respectable fourth in a stacked line-up.


Contemplating the Mr. Olympia, Centopani took many things into consideration. His wife is expecting their first child and he is having a house built, so the Connecticut native decided to wait until next year. “Earlier in the year I was thinking that I wanted to do the Olympia and now that things are coming up, with everything going on with the house and the baby seven weeks from now, and I’m looking at where I’ll have to be getting ready for the Olympia, I think maybe it would be in my best interest probably to wait one more time and come in strong at the (2012) Arnold and know that I’m going to go from there into the Olympia,” he said in a recent video clip on Muscular Development.

If Centopani did go to Las Vegas this year, he probably would not have had an easy time of it. With the likes of Jay Cutler, Phil Heath, Branch Warren, Kai Greene and Dennis Wolf up there, there’s a good chance that he would have not made the top six. That doesn’t mean the field will be any easier in 2012, but the youngster is giving himself a better chance by keeping it to the two major contests in the calendar year.

This will give him ample time to work on some weaker points, such as his chest. By possessing such mass and symmetry, a Sandow or two is certainly not an impossibility for Centopani.

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