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2011 NPC Team Universe Results & Analysis: Panexce Pierre, Cynthia Colon Win Overall Bodybuilding

Another successful weekend of bodybuilding, fitness, figure, bikini and (now) physique took place in New Jersey at the 2011 Team Universe. The top competitors in all classes went home with their IFBB pro cards and a bit of surprise took place when the newest of them generated the loudest cheers.

The Men’s Physique Division has been the subject of a number of debates, but it was hard to argue with the proverbial applause meter. Women of all ages could easily be heard and the competitors looked as if they enjoyed being a part of the show.

Panexce Pierre was one of those pro card recipients and was voted the overall men’s bodybuilding champion, and Cynthia Colon was the women’s counterpart. In the fitness category, Sheri Vucick was the overall winner and was joined by Angelica Nebbia (figure overall) and Roya Tehrani (bikini overall).

Douglas Peaney was the overall MPD winner and Jennifer Smythe took the overall top spot in women’s physique, which was another new class at the contest. The competitors were a mix between women’s bodybuilding and figure and all looked to be in great condition. This is a division to watch and it will be interesting to see which direction competitors will go in when they are preparing for show – bodybuilding or physique?

And we are proud of two MuscleSport Magazine staff writers that competed at the Team U. Allison Moyer tied for 10th place in the open figure E class and Stacey Naito placed eighth in the open bikini D class, 11th in the Masters over 35 and first in the Masters over 45. Congrats, Ally and Stacey!




Overall – Panexce Pierre

Heavyweight – David Coleman

Light Heavyweight – Panexce Pierre

Middleweight – Kingsley Deslorieux

Welterweight – Bill Moschelle

Lightweight – Luis Santiago

Bantamweight – Shaun Clarida

Masters Overall – Castro Durlan

Masters 35+ >176 lbs – Paul Olivera

Masters 35+ <176 lbs – Castro Durlan

Masters 45+ – Bill Moschelle

Masters 55+ – Bill Young


Overall – Cynthia Colon

Heavyweight – Cynthia Colon

Middleweight – Pam Wentz

Lightweight – Patricia Watson

Masters Overall- Karen Gatto

Masters 35+ – Pamela Franklin

Masters 45+ – Karen Gatto


Overall – Douglas Peaney

A – Craig Capurso

B – Douglas Peaney


Overall – Jennifer Smythe

A – Jennifer Smythe

B – Marlinea Echohawk


Overall – Angelica Nebbia

A – Angelica Nebbia

B – Keisha Smith

C – Melissa Erickson

D – Amber Spina

E – Kavvy Sonhos

F – Rebecca Bowers

Masters Overall – Shannon Ditmer

Masters 35+ A – jami Frenkel

Masters 35+ B – Shannon Ditmer

Masters 35+ C – Patty Zariello

Masters 35+ D – Diana Harbot

Masters 45+ – Patricia Vignola


Overall – Sheri Vucick

A – Amy Peterson

B – Tiffany Robinson

C – Sheri Vucick


Overall – Roya Tehrani

A – Sara Moylan

B – Yeshaira Robles

C – Marisa Lee

D – Roya Tehrani

E – Heather Nappi

F – Lisa Lutz

Masters 35+ – Michelle Hutton

Masters 45+ – Stacey Naito

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