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Could Brett Favre Be in the Philadelphia Eagles Future?

With the modern age of social media becoming a viable news outlet, it has become commonplace to peruse the various websites that are a part of that landscape. Saturday evening was no exception, as a short post on Twitter jumped off the page:

“Just reported on TV Eagles have some interest in b farve once they trade kolb. Sources told me its possible. Not sure what farve thinks”

Something of that nature is obviously going to receive a lot of attention, and Howard Eskin has been around the game long enough to expect that. The veteran sportscaster may be the one breaking this possible story and should be commended for that.

With that said, Favre was thought to be finally retired after a number of false alarms and at 41 years of age, he looked to be finished at the end of last season. His consecutive game starting streak was finally snapped at 297 (in the regular season, 321 including the post-season) when he sustained a shoulder injury. He also suffered a concussion a few weeks later in his final NFL game. He announced his retirement on January 2 and filed his papers with the league after that.


Now with the NFL lockout on the verge of being lifted with the signing of a new, 10-year collective bargaining agreement, player movement in the form of trades and free agent signings is expected to take off. Kevin Kolb has been rumored to be on his way out of Philadelphia, with Arizona being mentioned as a possible destination.

That would leave the Eagles without a viable back-up to Michael Vick, whose style of play requires having a reliable arm in place to step in at a minute’s notice. It makes total sense to bring in a veteran who has starting experience and is willing to stand on the sidelines for long stretches at a time, but does Favre fit that description?

Green Bay felt totally comfortable trading him to the Jets in 2008 to allow for the growth of Aaron Rodgers and they were repaid with a Super Bowl championship last season. Favre is such a competitive guy that it is difficult picturing him sitting around and not chomping at the bit to get in the huddle.

The Eagles would be better served leaving Favre at home in Mississippi, and the same goes for the NFL. It’s time that one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game rides off into the sunset – and doesn’t turn the horse around again.

Photo By Jim Leary

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