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The Lingerie Football League & Why We Love It

So S.T.O.B. took in our first LFL game this past weekend and it was awesome.  Honestly, the three of us know what those of you who haven’t been to or watched a LFL game is thinking. We know you think it’s a joke, WWE type entertainment but trust us this is a real sport with amazing athletes.

We have been lucky enough to get to know many of the Minnesota Valkyrie players since starting to cover the team in early May and these are down to earth, humble girls that are also great athletes who have transformed in the past few months into great football players.

We have been so impressed we want to make an impression on you that you should give the LFL a chance.  To convince you, we have come up with 50 reasons you should be a fan of the LFL team in your city.


50. Post game meet and greets.

49. Never miss a game, every game is on MTV2 due to there only being one game a week.

48. Games played on Friday night, party night, go ahead and have that extra beer, you don’t work tomorrow. (If you work on Saturdays….that sucks…but I bet you still party on Fridays anyways)

47. They take this seriously.

46. Look at the jerseys.

45. Big hits.

44. Garter belts.

43. Way ahead of the NFL in number of players with long hair coming out of the back of their helmet.

42. Access to locker rooms via STOB and MTV2.

41. Much closer to action when at the game.

40. Lambeau Leaps are much more exciting for front row attendees.

39. They smell better than NFL players.

38. For the most part, the ladies are actually from the city they play for.

37. They are pretty! (Or “Purdy” for Green Bay)

36. Chances of a LFL’er going out with you are slim…but they are better than anybody who says “Purdy”.

35. No Punts.

34. No Field Goals.

33. No Extra Point kicks, they play football for them. (2 pts from the 5 yd line, 1 pt from the 2 yd line)

32. Only kickoffs are to start game and after halftime.

31. Minor injuries may not hurt your team’s chances.  The teams have weeks in between games in which they can get healthy, so your star player can come back and play every game.

30. Anne Erler’s fumble…pick up the fumble…run like crazy play.

29. Play fakes so good they fake out the refs!  Jana Skrtic of the Valkyrie could show Peyton Manning a thing or two about a play fake.

28. Touchdown dances encouraged.

27. Post play taunts and dances…encouraged.

26. No Fun League it isn’t.  It is the Lots (of) Fun League.

25. The games are live this year.

24.  Green Bay vs.Minnesota Rivalry.

23. STOB Blog covers it….sorry…shameless self promotion.

22. No Lockouts.

21. No Preseason.

20. Brett Favre free…no guarantee he hasn’t texted but he won’t be playing we guarantee.

19. Games don’t drag on and on and on and on for 3 hours. Two 17 minute halves move quickly, almost too quickly, and even if they did take 3 hours…look at the jerseys.

18. Eye black on ladies…there is just something about it.

16. Commissioner’s Corner – Mitchell Mortaza is a hands on Commissioner that listens to the fans and what they want.  He is also at every LFL game making sure the fans get a great experience and that both teams are ready to compete.

15. Exciting plays.

14. More exciting plays due to the whole…lingerie thing.

13. Volunteers – Many people that put in time for the LFL are doing it purely because they believe in it not for a paycheck and due to that belief produce a great product.

12. #10 might actually be a 10.

11. No running out of bounds like the NFL.

10. Only 7 players on the field for each team which allows for stars to make a bigger impact on the game.

9. Pregame warm ups much more interesting…look at the jerseys.

8. Player Intro Dances.

7. When at a game, once it starts it’s a football game, the lingerie becomes an after thought as you will be enjoying great competition.

6. Energy and excitement in the arena is tough to match. (see video above)

5. Great athletes.

3. Las Vegas has a team.

2. Money isn’t the motivator; these ladies are passionate and love the game they never had the opportunity to play before this league.

1. Again…look at the jerseys.

Not convinced?  Well that stinks…maybe we’ll give you 50 more reasons next month.





The STOB (Sports Tears in our Beers) Crew is made up of three buddies, Ken, Ben and Derrick. They run the where they cover sports, drinking culture and pop culture with a close eye on Minnesota sports. They have all experienced some “sports tears” when rooting for their favorite sports teams, hence the name Sports Tears in Our Beers. Ken Smith – Writer/Co-Host/Marketing Ken has a passion for sports and even in his inaugural season covering the LFL’s Valkyrie has developed the same passion for the LFL. Derrick Grams – Writer/Co-Host/Marketing Football flows through Derrick’s veins and the LFL is just another outlet to get that blood flowing. Ben McDonald – Writer/Co-Host Ben has a strong sports background and uses that background to cover the LFL.
Photo Courtesy of the LFL

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