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2011 Meet the Olympians Exclusive Interview Videos

Our airplane touched down and we barely had enough time to grab a quick bite to eat before the 2011 Meet the Olympians began at The Orleans out here in sunny Las Vegas. The locals informed us that we just missed a bunch of rain, believe it or not, so maybe we brought some good luck out here from the East coast. And, no – that’s not a sign of weakness as the roulette wheel calls our names.

There’s no time for any of those shenangins because we had to sit and interview as many Olympians as we can and get the videos edited and posted so you – our loyal fans – can see what the hell is really going on out here in the desert.

We’ll post more shortly, but wanted to give you a taste of how these competitors look after months of wondering. Not much time because it’s off to the expo for more. By the way, it’s a slam dunk once again for Jay Cutler. He looked like The Thing from the Fantastic Four. The guy is huge and looks tight as a model’s ass.



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