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Picture That! Billy O’Connor Cleans Life Up With Fitness

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A few years ago, Billy O’Connor would have laughed in your face if you told him he would be spending his Saturday nights sober and in the gym instead of getting completely fucked up in a bar somewhere. The Brooklynite enjoyed the nightlife and took it to the extreme, as many a young man does. But he was smart enough to get off that train before it reached its last stop.

“For many years, I had a major drug and alcohol problem and was unable to control it,” a somber O’Connor, 32, admitted to us. Starting from when he was 21, he went on a tear by getting high and drunk and slowly left behind the subtle semblances of normalcy. Part of that was walking away from an early introduction to weight training, albeit the simplest form.

“It was your typical chest and biceps routine in my parent’s basement,” said O’Connor. He did this for approximately seven years but then, “fell off the map completely.”


Although he was able to perform his job as a wedding photographer during this dark period of his life, O’Connor knew that he needed to get clean if he was going to excel at not just work, but life in general.

Three years ago, a decision was made that classified as a life changer is not strong enough. A life saver is more appropriate. And O’Connor turned again to a familiar place as part of his recovery and sobriety.

“I’m not sure my life would be what it is today if I didn’t train like an animal,” admitted a smiling O’Connor. “I love every aspect of my new lifestyle and I’m looking forward to making more progress.”

Having someone by your side makes it a lot easier and O’Connor’s girlfriend Melissa Mason is also his workout partner and they are currently taking classes together to become certified personal trainers.

“In the future, I hope to start a business that allows me to utilize my passion for bodybuilding and fitness every day,” O’Connor said. ” I have a few ideas in the works right now and am excited to see them through.”

After beating the demons he did, no on is betting against O’Connor.

Billy O’Connor works for Photo Elite in Brooklyn, New York ( and also lies his trade on a freelance basis. Check out some of his work on his Facebook page.

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