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Giants, Redskins Surprising NFC East Front Runners While Eagles & Cowboys Struggle

During the preseason, the Philadelphia Eagles were being anointed as the NFL’s “Dream Team” due to all of the free agents they signed in the rushed period following the end of the lockout. They put together what amounted to a Fantasy Football team roster, bringing in big ticket names on both sides of the ball. All of the so-called ‘experts’ basically handed them the George Halas Trophy and said for the Eagle faithful to make plans for Indianapolis in February. Michael Vick had proven he was fully back and given a long-term contract and lots of you-know-what from the City of Brotherly Love.

In Dallas, a team that played well in the second half of the 2010 season was picked to make a return to the playoffs and being ‘America’s Team.’ The interim coach who rallied the troops was given the job full time and Jason Garret was sure to get the most out of a healthy Tony Romo.

So guess what? The Eagles and Cowboys combined have the same amount of wins as the New York Giants and Washington Redskins do each after a quarter of the season has been played.


Both of the latter were left for dead. The Giants were getting old and a revamped offensive line was going to be a problem. Washington? They had a legitimate chance to ‘earn’ the number one pick in next year’s NFL Draft going into the season with Rex Grossman and John Beck as their signal callers.

Perhaps things will change as the weather turns colder, but both teams are playing very sound football. Both starting quarterbacks on Dallas and Philly have taken beatings thus far and that may pose a huge problem as the calendar changes.

Tom Coughlin was always confident and is not shocked by the way his team has begun the year, and he also knows that there is a long way to go, as well. “No, I’m not surprised,” the Giants head coach said. “But we do have to improve and continue to get better and get more out of a lot of people who need to grow and expand and develop.”

One week at a time, of course.

 Photo by William J. Hauser

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