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Sequoia Fitness Warrior Digital Body Mass Caliper

Sometimes the mirror does lie. How many times did you look at your reflection and feel as if you have lost some weight? If you diet and exercise properly, most likely that happens more than not. But you need to go deeper to the root of the issue and that’s where the Warrior Body Mass Caliper comes into play.

Our friends over at Sequoia Fitness have made that easy for you with this easy-to-use product that should be in the home of every bodybuilder (pro, amateur and hopeful), as well as anyone else who cares what they really look like. (And if you don’t fall into any of those categories, you’re probably not visiting this website and reading this anyway. Have fun at the McDonald’s drive-thru, tubby.)

The Warrior calculates for up to four different users and measures not only body fat percentage, but also lean body mass. It displays your current and last results so you know what direction you’ve been taking. It does upper, middle and lower measurements, so you can get accurate readings on your chest/triceps, abdominals and quads.

When you hear that unique beep, you know that the reading was taken correctly and the large digital display screen tells the tale. You know that you used the correct amount of pressure because the machine informs you.

Lean body mass is the mantra for the perfect formula – a fat loss and muscle building program. Betcha didn’t know that Warrior is the ONLY body fat caliper on the market to measure this important number.

As if you needed any more convincing, every Sequoia Fitness product carries the stamp of the Military Standard for Physical Readiness. What the hell does that mean, you may ask? Their stuff meets a standard of excellence required by the armed forces when measuring body fat.

You get all this for the low cost of $23.95. And if you get stuck on anything using this or any of Sequoia Fitness products, give Matt a call at (877) 987-3737. The guy designed Warrior and has been in the game for 15 years. He’ll even forward you a PDF version of the instructions in case you lose them.

Be sure to visit their website for Warrior and other great fitness products that you will use every day.



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