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UFL Contemplating Playing Spring Schedule in 2012

The three-year-old United Football League has been successful enough playing a fall schedule thus far, but they will use the offseason to strategize a possible schedule change to the spring in 2012. With the Virginia Destroyers’ 17-3 triumph over the Las Vegas Locomotives in the UFL Championship Game last month, the fledging league became the first since the USFL to complete their first three campaigns.

And just like the 1980s movement, spring may be in the air. When the USFL was able to take advantage of that lull following the Super Bowl, it was able to catch on. Only when they decided to go up against the NFL did they go belly up – and that happened even before they were able to kick off a fall season.


Recently on the official UFL league website, Commissioner Michael Huyghue reached out to the fans with an honest question of what season they would prefer:


We remain committed to providing the best football that we can to cities like Omaha, Sacramento, Virginia Beach and Las Vegas. As we look to 2012 we are seeking to determine the best path forward for the league to make sure that we can provide quality, affordable football for all of you for years to come.

Businesses must continually reevaluate where they are and what path the need to take to provide maximum return to investors and maximum value to customers. We may opt to stay in the fall, but potential media partners, potential investors and stadium authorities have said that they want us to consider spring as our football crazed country lacks professional football during that time period.

With that said, our fans come first and we want to hear from you before we make any decisions. You are the foundation upon which this league is built.

Thank you for your continued support,

Michael Huyghue
United Football League

Of course there are pros and cons for both, but it would seem to make the most sense to play their schedule in the spring. That way, the void for gridiron action is filled and the talent pool will be much larger. Currently, the UFL has a rule that a player who signs a contract must honor it throughout the entire season. So a potential star may decide to sit and wait for the NFL to call. In the spring, players who are not under contract in the NFL can showcase their talent in the UFL and be able to finish out the season before training camps open.

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