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Penn State University Grand Jury Affidavit Spells Out Troubling Timeline in Sandusky Pedophile Scandal

When it is presented in matter-of-fact fashion in plain black and white, the Penn State University scandal is downright disgusting. The Grand Jury affidavit is a 23-page tortuous tome that spanned 13 years of sweeping the worst of crimes under the rug.

Here is a direct link to the full report, but make sure that you don’t read it with a full stomach: Sandusky Affidavit 

It is definitely not an easy read, with the detailed descriptions of what the vermin named Jerry Sandusky did to the most innocent of victims he was entrusted with. Minors as young as 10 years of age were put through ordeals that may never leave their psyche.

1998 – First Reported Incident

What makes this entire situation even more troubling is that as far back as 1998 Sandusky could have been thrown in jail for these animalistic acts. But one misstep after another of using bad judgement and blatant cover-ups left this out of the public eye until last weekend.

When one of the victim’s mothers was made aware of the inappropriate actions by Sandusky, she reported it to the University Police. Although they opened an investigation and were privy to two incriminating conversations between the mother and Sandusky, then-District Attorney Ray Gricar chose not to prosecute. There you have the first person to blame in this situation. (Unfortunately, we will never learn any more from Gricar, as he went missing under mysterious circumstances in 2005 and has since been declared legally dead.)

Detective Ronald Sheffler of the University Police was then told to close the investigation by his director Thomas Harmon, even though it included a second victim with near identical allegations. There you have the second person that failed to do his duty.

Shortly after that, Detective Sheffler and Jerry Lauro, an investigator from the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare interviewed Sandusky, who admitted that he hugged the victim – a 10-year-old boy, mind you- naked in the shower and that it was wrong to do so. Sheffler, possibly believing that he was a priest and Sandusky in his confession booth, made him promise to never shower naked with young boys again and shitcanned the case. Chalk one up for yourself in the blame game, Sheffler.

Just what Lauro did – or didn’t do – remains to be seen. Until proven otherwise, he has to be on the blame chopping block, as well.

Besides being a Penn State football defensive coordinator, Sandusky also started “The Second Mile” in 1977, which was a group foster home to help troubled boys. That is like bringing the canary to the cat, if you will. Sandusky used this opportunity to have the victims sleep over his house and while his own wife was upstairs asleep, he would come down to the basement bedroom used by the youngsters and sexually abuse them.


2000 – Adult Eyewitness to the Crime

One evening while cleaning the locker rooms, a janitor named Jim Calhoun saw a naked Sandusky in the shower performing fellatio on a nude young boy who was pinned up against the wall. Calhoun reportedly became so emotional over this that his co-worker believed he was having a heart attack.

He did tell his co-worker Ronald Petrosky what he saw and Petrosky then observed Sandusky and a young boy walking away from the showers holding hands. The janitors spoke about how they can go about and report the incident but they failed to do so. Today, Calhoun suffers from dementia and resides in a nursing home.

Either way, both of these men failed to do what should have been done, leaving Sandusky free to commit further damage.

2002 – What Was Exactly Said?

The most widely spoken about incident occurred in 2002, when Sandusky was observed having what was described as anal intercourse with a boy appearing 10 years of age. Both were naked and in a shower area on campus. The witness, described in the affidavit as a 28-year-old graduate assistant (since identified as present PSU assistant coach Mike McQuery) testified that both the victim and Sandusky saw him there and that he immediately left. He then called his father and the following morning, they reported the incident to head football coach Joe Paterno. Just why they decided to skip calling the police is the $99,000 question. And there you have the next two to blame.

Paterno has become the focus of this scenario, which is not totally fair to him. But the legendary coach is by no means exonerated. He was fired because this blew up, but there are many others who did more by doing less than Paterno.

Waiting another day before dialing up his superiors, Paterno notified Athletic Director Tim Curley. This is where it gets complicated. Just what was described by McQueary to Paterno, and then Paterno to Curley, is up for debate. McQuery stated that he was descriptive to Paterno, who relayed it to his superior Curley, as “fondling or doing something of a sexual nature.” Paterno also stated that he cut off McQueary when the language was getting too graphic for him.

10 days later, McQueary was called in to meet with Curley and Vice President Gary Schultz. What happened behind those closed doors remains to be seen, but McQueary said he once again described what appeared to be anal sex and Curely remembered him saying only that he witnessed some “inappropriate conduct” that mad him feel “uncomfortable.”

The furthest this went was to University President Graham Spanier and Second Mile Director Jack Raykovitz. Sandusky’s punishment was to have his school keys taken from him, as well as his privileges of bringing kids onto the campus and property. The police were never notified, nor was there any attempt to identify the child.

If there was any doubt as to what McQueary actually saw, it was the responsibility of Paterno, Curley, Shultz, Spanier and Raykovitz to either ask more questions. The police should have been notified on the night in question, or by any of the PSU personnel informed of the allegation.

Instead, it appears that Sandusky was a charter member of the ‘Good Ol’ Boys Club’ and was being protected by everyone.

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