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Isoloid Whey Protein Isolate By Goliath Labs

When you’re looking for the so-called ‘perfect protein shake,’ I’m sure that it has come at quite the cost – to your wallet and stomach. Trying to find an effective supplement that tastes just as good has not been an easy task, but thanks to Bart at Goliath Labs, the hard work has been done for you.

Say goodbye to that mudbath the others call a shake and hello to Isoloid. 27 grams of protein per serving, and that’s one scoop. These guys don’t try and pull a fast one on you by making it seems like a lot only to have the small print say ‘per two servings.’

Check out some of these details:

*Cold filtered whey isolate

*Rapid amino acid delivery

*Most biologically available whey

*Fat and lactose free

*27,000 mg of amino acids per serving

Isoloid is also 99 percent Bio-Available. What? In ┬álayman’s terms, that means that your body will digest, absorb and benefit fro ┬ávirtually every gram. Many of those others on the vitamin store shelf contain inferior low protein concentrates, synthetic ingredients or artificial flavoring which can inhibit digestion and utilization.

You can’t go wrong with either flavor. Wonka Chocolate and Vicious Vanilla both taste fantastic and mix well. The best part? A two-pound can is only $49.95. Get yours today at

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