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2011 NPC Nationals – Who Will Join the Pro Ranks Next?

In less than one calendar year, Robert Burneika went from preparing as an amateur for the NPC Nationals to competing at the 2011 Mr. Olympia. He went from being just another number from a field of hundreds that night in Atlanta and earning his pro card to standing on stage with the likes of Phil Heath, Jay Cutler and Dexter Jackson.

Just who walks away from the Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami, Florida this weekend remains to be seen, but it goes without saying that we should all take note of those names and expect to see them in the months and years ahead.

2011 will be the first year that the Men’s and Women’s Physique divisions will be represented at the Nationals.


In its 29th year of existence, the Nationals has had a who’s-who of the sport of bodybuilding come through the ranks. This is an impressive list of the winners and the greatness that many of the men have went on to obtain since turning pro is self-explanatory:

1982: Lee Haney

1983: Bob Paris

1984: Mike Christian

1985: Phil Williams

1986: Gary Strydom

1987: Shawn Ray

1988: Vince Taylor

1989: Troy Zuccolotto

1990: Alq Gurley

1991: Kevin Levrone:

1992: John Sherman

1993: Mike Francois

1994: Paul DeMayo

1995: Don Long

1996: Willie Stallings

1997: Tom Prince

1998: Orville Burke

        1999: Aaron Maddron 

2000: Victor Martinez

2001: Jonnie O. Jackson

2001: Toney Freeman

2003: Mat Duval

2004: Chris Cook

2005: Bill Wilmore

2006: Desmond Miller

2007: Evan Centopani

2008: Ed Nunn

2009: Cedric McMillan

2010: Robert Burneika

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